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  1. Mozilla is creating products that are not browsers (e.g. Apps, B2G, Firefox Home, etc.).
  2. Mozilla has a set of add-ons that are not considered products, but are considered a vital piece to the Firefox user experience.
  3. Input is a web application built as a feedback mechanism for a browser product.

Problems to Solve

  1. These new products need user feedback to further their product and create better solutions built with the community.
  2. Input can only support browser applications such as Firefox and Fennec, not Mobile Apps (i.e. Firefox Home), Add-ons within Firefox or web properties (i.e. AMO, SUMO, etc.).


  1. Support our Mobile apps, Add-ons and Web apps with user feedback




  • API to write to Input database
  • Using tags to differentiate submissions
    • blessed tags: product (firefox, fennec, add-on names, firefox home, web apps, ), version, language, platform, (date?)
    • automatic reporting of common words used; uplift tags to blessed if they hit a certain min limit