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The purpose of Firefox Input is to collect actionable feedback from our user base across each channel of our software development process.

The former Input service has been decommissioned and replaced with an externally-managed service. This page remains as a historical note, but Mozilla is no longer actively developing Input.


  • Product Manager: Matt Grimes (:Matt_G)
  • Tech lead, architect, dev, QA, deployer: Michael Kelly (:Osmose)

Input development happens on IRC in #input on

Project details



  1. Become the primary feedback mechanism for Mozilla products.
  2. Find solutions to specified user feedback needs to make Mozilla's products better.
  3. Promote the benefits of an open feedback system.

How we want to get to those goals:

  • Provide low-bar submission methods for defined needs from user feedback.
  • Experiment with our data to find new ways to visualize and propagate data (deal with scale inherently).
  • Construct methods to use Input as a feedback loop for QA, localization and marketing.


  1. Feedback sent to Mozilla should be constructive, direct and actionable.
  2. Feedback should allow drivers to make decisions that deliver a better value proposition to our users.
  3. Submissions should take no more than 5 steps to submit.
  4. Feedback should be fun to write!
  5. Collecting and using feedback should be in accordance with Mozilla's privacy policies.

Using Input

Projects and Roadmap

Projects in the planning stage

In progress projects

On-hold projects

Completed projects





Abandoned projects

  • Product Dashboards -- abandoned because User Advocacy is building dashboards that pull from Input and other sources and they're better equipped to build and maintain them