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Support for multiple products


When Input started out, it was a feedback site for Firefox desktop browser and that was it. Eventually, that was extended to Firefox for Android. When we rewrote Input, we also added Firefox OS, but we did that through a separate form. The "generic form" had strings that had the product hard-coded.

Further, we would infer which product you were talking about from the user agent of the browser you were using to leave feedback.

Both of these things were fine at the beginning, but are now an impediment to supporting multiple products some of which are not browsers.

This project covers restructuring Input so that it can naturally support multiple products.



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Product table


Input API


Product urls and product picker (2014q3)


  1. When someone comes to /feedback/ we can not assume they're leaving feedback for the browser they're using to view the feedback page. Instead we should show a product picker allowing them to pick the product to leave feedback for.
  2. When the user chooses a product from the product picker page, they go to /feedback/PRODUCT/.
  3. When someone comes to /feedback/PRODUCT/ we can assume that's the product they're leaving feedback for. However, we should let them go "back" to the product picker and choose a different product.
  4. Important: We have to wait until Firefox desktop uses the product url before we finish this work and switch to a product picker page.



Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
933390 integration tests for -stage and -prod P1 RESOLVED
970337 switch Help -> Submit feedback to use a product url -- VERIFIED
977270 When specifying a product via URL, we shouldn't guess the platform based on UA string P1 RESOLVED
978770 /feedback/fxos redirects to /downloadfirefox in browsers that aren't Firefox P1 RESOLVED
985491 change generic feedback form to use product string P1 RESOLVED
986071 ux work for choose-your-product page P1 RESOLVED
1002589 add "choose product" link to feedback forms -- RESOLVED
1009784 create parallel generic form P1 RESOLVED
1084387 "show in product picker" option for product P1 RESOLVED
1086643 write smoketests for product picker changes -- RESOLVED
1086650 redo dev generic form infrastructure -- RESOLVED
1097204 redo product picker P2 RESOLVED

12 Total; 0 Open (0%); 11 Resolved (91.67%); 1 Verified (8.33%);

Fix feedback forms (2014q3)


  1. Merge the mobile and desktop feedback forms into a single responsive generic feedback form.
  2. The generic feedback form shouldn't have "Firefox" hard-coded in it.



Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
946440 move privacy notice out of email section P1 RESOLVED
969667 merge mobile and desktop feedback forms P1 RESOLVED
985491 change generic feedback form to use product string P1 RESOLVED

3 Total; 0 Open (0%); 3 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);