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Data Wanted

  1. Gauge positive and negative reactions from our users in the Firefox Beta program for every new beta release
  2. Identify issues reported via topics and urls submitted by our users in the Firefox Beta program
  3. Clear out (i.e. RMO) and change its fields search through user inputted information such as sentiment, descriptions, urls and build Id
  4. Provide a lightweight and low-cost feedback submission mechanism form




  1. [DONE] Build Web Piece
  2. [DONE] Build Client Piece
  3. [DONE] QA!
  4. Integrate extension into Firefox

Web Piece

  1. [DONE] Bootstrap the database to
  2. [DONE] Development
    • [DONE] Build Dashboard
      1. [DONE] Bootstrap Database
        • [DONE] Database receives feedback submission
      2. [DONE] Build a working prototype
        • [DONE] Last 10 messages
        • [DONE] Top Trends
        • [DONE] Demographics
        • [DONE] Home Page
      3. [DONE] Complete Search
        • [DONE] Results Page
        • [DONE] Terms
        • [DONE] Build Id Modifiers (OS, Language)
        • [DONE] Date
      4. [DONE] Test Functionality
      5. [DONE] Style
    • [DONE] Build Submission Pages
      1. [DONE] Pages send feedback to database with build id, comments, sentiment
      2. [DONE] Swear word filter
      3. [DONE] Test Functionality
      4. [DONE] Style
  3. [DONE] Go to staging for testing to wider audience -- bug 572502
  4. [DONE] String Freeze by 6/24
  5. [DONE] Test Web Piece System
  6. Go Live - bug 573468
    • [DONE] Push to live via IT 6/22-6/23
    • Remove "Report A Broken Website" from Firefox - bug 572695
  7. Archive the current RMO and close the bugs under Webtools|Reporter when Mobile Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 is released

Client Piece

  1. [DONE] Create extension
    • [DONE] Add Feedback button to the right of the search engine field
    • [DONE] Add drop-down menu with happy/sad/testpilot options
    • [DONE] Add actions for buttons
  2. [DONE] QA


Archive for Meeting Notes

Latest Work Done

Piece Person Description
Web fwenzel
  • All fixes done.
Web aakashd
  • Tested Feedback Extension and identified nits to change
  • Verified warning notification on submission pages

Next Steps

Piece Person Description Tentatively Due
Web fwenzel
  1. Go Live
  2. Create blog post
  1. 6/23
  2. --
Web aakashd
  1. Create blog post/promotions as necessary
  2. schedule a post-mortem
  1. 6/24 or 25
  2. 6/26
Client jono/aakashd/tracy
  1. Test the extension
  1. --


Bugs can be filed using this form

A list of open bugs can be found here

Pages to Test (Note: will only shows on the latest Fx Beta):