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No Ajax-y stuff anywhere!


01_1: Feedback

  • Might call "Live Feed" just "Feed"
  • Change "Themes" instead of "Cluster" because it makes sense to the end-user better
  • No Advanced search
    • search is done on filtering on the left
  • User agent information on individual messages
    • URL is now just the domain in text, but link is the full URL
  • Trends -> "Often Mentioned"
  • No more AJAX on dashboard filters

01_2: Search

  • Filtering is done via checkboxing
  • Questions
    • Once options are checked, other options are removed. Will they come back if they're unchecked?
      • Yes.
    • If certain sections are not shown, should the information be polled?
      • This is an implementation question. If a section is not shown, its information should be shown when [or shortly after] the user requests it. Doing this lazily [using AJAX] or eagerly [during the page request] is acceptable.

01_3: Message

  • Translate comment working in-line would be nice-to-have

01_4: Filters

  • On hover should include raw numbers instead of percentages
  • Going to try slim bars instead of full height bars, will give an update when its been tried

02_1: Themes

  • Need to work on some changes as there's no "All" feed of themes. Only sad/happy.
  • keyword search for clusters (need update from dave)
  • Aakash action item: "min related" and "when" on 1.7?

02_2: Single Theme

  • Aakash Item: Is this doable (ask davedash)?

03_1: Sites

  • What's the More themes link?
  • All modifiers are links to searches
  • Uncommon sites are sites that could not be clustered and only have one message related to it
    • Links from domains will send user to search page for that URL (fallback until a better design is created)

03_2: Sites_Themes


01_1: Landing

  • Not necessary for 1.7 is Themes and Sites don't have mock-ups

02_1: Feedback

  • Need Product type
  • Single message view (hidden meta data until clicked)

02_2: Statistics

  • Filter and Demographic fields
  • If values checked, the stats change

02_3: Trends