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  1. Mobilize major release dashboards
  2. Suggestions dashboard for major release

Designs & Requirements

  • PRD


  • Project Lead: aakashd
  • Designer: chowse
  • Web Piece Dev: fwenzel, davedash, rsnyder
  • QA: stephend, krupa
  • Client Piece Dev: jono, mfinkle
  • Metrics: mkurze, hamilton


Status Step Owner ETA Actual
[DONE] Define Designs & Requirements aakashd 2/22 2/22
[DONE] Confirm Scheduling and Dev Time aakashd 2/22 2/22
[DONE] Code/String Freeze fwenzel 3/4 3/4
[DONE] QA complete mbrandt 3/14 3/12
[DONE] Go Live aakashd/fwenzel 3/15 3/13


Archive for Meeting Notes

Latest Work Done

Piece Person Description
Dev fwenzel
  • ideas themes page are done
  • string and code frozen
Dev davedash
  • finished beta overlay
Dev ryansnyder
  • got caught up with Fx4 stuff
Metrics michaelk
  • working on clustering via grouperfish
QA mbrandt
  • seeing server errors, IT is looking into it
etc. aakashd
  • finished 4.0 PRD
  • press is open to more info from Input to send out to folks

Next Steps

Piece Person Description Tentatively Due
Dev fwenzel
  1. ready to release on tuesday, but might need to release earlier dur to fx4 rc1
  1. 3/16
Dev davedash
  1. Lots of little bugs to fix
  2. if that's finished, then look into elastic search
  1. 3/16
Dev ryansnyder
  1. pick up 3.4 bugs
  1. 3/16
Metrics mkurze
  1. 3/16
QA mbrandt
  1. qa complete 3.3
  1. 3/16
etc. aakashd
  1. do initiative stuff with API
  2. have planning meeting on Input 4
  1. 3/8
  2. 3/18


Bugs can be filed using this form

A list of open bugs can be found here

Pages to Test (Note: will only shows on the latest Fx Beta):