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  1. Offer an API for Input
  2. Fancier mobile submission methods

Designs & Requirements


  • Project Lead: aakashd
  • Designer: chowse
  • Web Piece Dev: fwenzel, davedash, rsnyder
  • QA: stephend, krupa
  • Client Piece Dev: jono, mfinkle
  • Metrics: mkurze, hamilton


Status Step Owner ETA Actual
[DONE] Define Designs & Requirements aakashd 3/4 5/9
[DONE] Confirm Scheduling and Dev Time aakashd 5/13 5/13
[DONE] Code Freeze davedash 5/20 5/20
[ON TRACK] QA complete mbrandt 5/25
[ON TRACK] Go Live jabba/davedash 5/26


Archive for Meeting Notes

Latest Work Done

Piece Person Description
Dev davedash, jlongster
  • jlongster: working on 4.1 bug fixes
  • davedash handed off to wenzel before goign on vacation
  • wenzel: pushed twice for work-around patches on newly pushed betas
Metrics mkurze
  • working on bugzilla dashboards
  • new intern to work on grouperfish with michaelk
QA mbrandt
  • unplugged the grid
Product aakashd

Next Steps

Piece Person Description Tentatively Due
Dev davedash, wenzel, jlongster, tofumatt
  1. finish up mobile submission pages
  2. wenzel: filling in for davedash, will do the push on thursday
  3. tofumatt: finish up mobile dashboard
  1. 5/31
  2. 5/31
Metrics mkurze
  1. fixing remaining grouperfish bugs, then start on integration
  1. 5/31
QA mbrandt
  1. will give ok on quality of 4.0 release
  1. 5/24
Product aakashd
  1. send out graphics library analysis spreadsheet to the team
  2. work on input add-on for add-on manager
  1. 5/24
  2. 5/31


Bugs can be filed using this form

A list of open bugs can be found here

Pages to Test (Note: will only shows on the latest Fx Beta):