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Suggest framework


We want to use the Thank You page to connect users to things relevant to their feedback. Possible examples:

  1. User leaves sad feedback regarding some known issue gets a thank you page with a relevant link to the SUMO KB for that issue.
  2. User leaves sad feedback regarding some problem that is also an unsolved question in the SUMO support forums and gets a thank you page with a relevant link to that question on SUMO.
  3. User leaves sad feedback that contains trigger words and gets a thank you page with a relevant link to a survey to collect more data about the topics those trigger words relate to. (e.g. video playback problems -> survey about video GPU, specifics of the problems, etc)
  4. User leaves happy feedback that contains trigger words and gets a thank you page with relevant links on next steps to joining the Mozilla community.
  5. User leaves happy feedback and gets links related to upcoming events.
  6. User leaves sad feedback for an older version of the product and gets back a download link to update.

In this way, Input has a way to direct users to helpful content in the Mozilla-verse as well as potentially solicit additional details from them.



  • Since the dawn of time: We've been talking about making the Thank You page more useful for users and feedback consumers.
  • April 2015: Will started working on a system that would use the SUMO Search API to provide the Thank You page with helpful links based on the user's feedback comments.
  • Late April 2015: Will thought about that and then decided to "overarchitect" the system allowing for other suggestion providers which gives us a framework to solve a bunch of other needs, too.
  • May 4th, 2015: Will wrote up bug #1161144 to cover implementing the framework.
  • June 3rd, 2015: Finished up the initial Suggest framework implementation as well as the redirector


Bikeshed issue: name

Thought about:

  • relevant
  • suggestions
  • suggest
  • seealso
  • ralph

Mike said he liked "suggest". I thought that sounded good enough for now. It's short, indicative of what it is and probably isn't a term used in other contexts (*cough* response *cough*).


  1. A link should consist of a type/category, summary line, url and description. This would get displayed in a very specific way on the Thank You page.
    • Types: Warning, Info, Community, ... ?
    • Summary line is the text for the link.
    • Description is a short one-paragraph explanation of what's at the link and why we think the user should go there.
    • Url
  2. Must be easy to build, test, configure and enable/disable relevant link providers.
  3. A provider must:
    1. fail nicely: log an error message to the journal or send an error email, but don't throw an unhandled exception
    2. provide relevant links in the correct structure or no links at all
    3. work quickly since this happens in the HTTP request cycle
  4. API needs:
    1. configuration
    2. easy to enable/disable without changing code
    3. store data in the database
    4. test framework
    5. capture metrics to measure engagement with suggested links

Phase 1


Tracker bug:

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1161555 implement suggest framework P2 RESOLVED
1169261 implement suggestion link redirector P2 RESOLVED

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);