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  • Buttons:
    • open a separate tab
    • pushing content to the webpage
  • Submission Page:
    • top issue/feature like/dislike push. can be intelligent with what page they were on previously
    • deeper emotional sentiments
  • Thank You Page:
    • variation of a search results page
    • some other issues people are having and offering to give support (?)
    • take a survey
    • actions shown on whats new page and shown on this page
  • RMO Front Page:
    • adaptive search. people start with a query and then change it
    • comments/complaints/compliments
    • vocalize trends (negative trends and positive trends)
    • demographics (negative and positive)
    • time-based (beta-based)
    • trending between versions/betas
  • RMO Search Results:
    • make snippets more interactive
    • make adaptive search