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Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Michael Kohler [:mkohler]
  • Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
  • sayuree
  • serge-sans-paille
  • Wong Yi Xiong

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • 🌟Edward Brace added PiP subtitles for BBC
  • 🌟Wong Yi Xiong
  • Sayuree
  • Dmitrij Feller
  • (More details will be filled in after the meeting)

General triage

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • InstallTrigger Deprecation:
    • Bug 1772901 disabled the InstallTrigger implementation (part of the changes to the add-ons install flows announced some times ago during the Nightly 100 cycle, see Intent to deprecate InstallTrigger) has been landed in Nightly 103 and we agreed with the webcompat team to let that ride the release train.
    • Bug 1772905 (which should also land soon in Nightly 103) will then also disable the visibility of the InstallTrigger global, but it is going to be restricted to nightly and early beta (because we expect even more webcompat issues as a side-effect).
    • NOTE: Bug 1774005 - [meta Interventions for InstallTrigger-related site breakage] is tracking webcompat interventions in response to website breaking because of Bug 1772901 and Bug 1772905.
      • Please link other bug reports of website breaking due to InstallTrigger-based UserAgent detection (e.g. see Bug 1773873) if you notice newly filed ones during “Firefox :: General” triaging
  • Dmitrij Feller contributed a nice visual improvement to the about:addons details cards, limiting the size of the add-on description section and adding a “Show more” button to let the user expand it to read the entire content - Bug 1565271
    • Thanks a lot to Dmitrij Feller for contributing this enhancement and mstriemer for guiding the contributor and reviewing the patch.

WebExtensions Framework

  • As part of improvements to the privileged addon development experience, starting from Firefox 103, we have introduced some additional sanity checks and increased the details provided by the manifest validation errors and warnings related to privileged permissions and privileged manifest properties for privileged add-ons installed temporarily - Bug 1739114.

Developer Tools

  • Missed last meeting, updates from past month
  • Toolbox
    • Colin Cazabet exposed Request Priority info in the Netmonitor request detail (bug)
    • Former Mozilla employee Michael Ratcliffe massively helped us making our codebase better
    • Emilio added DevTools support for constructable stylesheets (bug)
    • Many thanks to Arai for making our console test helpers more robust (bug)
    • The new edit and resend, result of an Outreachy project, is riding the train (bug )
    • Julian added a tooltip showing the profile information on the network throttling select button (bug )
    • Julian added a deadzone to the “drag to update size values” feature in the rule view, so it’s not triggered when the user doesn't want to (bug)
      • Reminder that the feature can be disabled in the settings panel
    • Hubert landed a patch to display Addon names in the Debugger source tree, instead of their uuid (bug)
    • Hubert also made the Browser Console _not_ listen for network requests by default, which significantly improved the Browser Console performance and memory consumption (bug). You’ll need to enable the option in the settings menu if you want to start seeing requests
    • We fixed a bug where the Browser console / Browser Toolbox console was missing error messages from privileged pages (bug)
    • Clicking on a stylesheet location in the rule view to jump to the style editor should be faster, especially in the Browser Toolbox (bug)
    • Alex
      • improved the performance of the Debugger when it has many sources to display (bug, bug and bug )
      • added markers in a core place of our code so we can better monitor communication between the client and the server (bug )
      • fixed an issue where we were doing too much work when debugging system principals, which should fix some leaks (bug)
  • WebDriver BiDi
    • The team fixed a few issues around navigation
      • Handle same-page navigation with hash (bug, bug)
      • Handle navigation to images (bug)
      • Handle navigation to error pages (bug)


  • [mconley] Reminder - use `document.l10n.setAttributes` to update l10n-id’s, or to set l10n-args. This is better than setting the attribute directly with `element.setAttribute` because it makes sure that Fluent notices the attribute update if the write occurs early in the document lifecycle.
  • Handy documentation for reference

Form Autofill

Lint, Docs and Workflow

  • Various work has been done for setting up system modules (.sys.mjs) vs javascript modes (.mjs).
    • System modules are assumed to be privileged. Other modules are assumed to be in the browser window scope.
  • We've now finished enabling all ESLint rules for sjs files (servers for use on tests).
  • eslint-plugin-import has been enabled for .mjs files
    • This provides various validation for import statements in mjs files
    • Also includes ensuring that imports are resolvable (currently only applies to .mjs, not .sys.mjs)
    • about:logins and about:protections have also been changed to use mjs files rather than js (which also avoids the need for sourceType definitions within .eslintrc.js files).



Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)

  • Fixed an issue with the Chrome performance profile importer. (#4074)
  • Made some performance improvements on timeline activity graph drawing. (#4067)
  • Fixed the incorrect experimental process cpu graph values. (#4076)


This feature has been previously enabled in Nightly, ETP strict and Private Browsing Mode. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Search and Navigation

  • Autofill results will now show the page title if it is in the history or bookmark. Before:




ESMification status

This week I learned

  • [bigiri] git add -p allows you to pick which line changes to add to a commit
    • [nicolas] hg commit -i / hg revert -i
      • [gijs] (and for `hg amend`, `hg uncommit`, etc.)
  • [Mossop] Jira Bugzilla Sync companion add-on

Meeting Leader Rotation

Add your name below if you want to be in the rotation of leaders:

  • mconley
  • jaws
  • mstriemer
  • bigiri
  • kpatenio
  • niklas
  • jhirsch
  • Mandy Cheang [mcheang]
  • hjones
  • cmkm

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