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Project Flag

We have a Performance Impact project flag used for triage nomination and prioritisation. Anyone can (re)nominate bugs for triage, but only members of the perf-triage-team group can prioritise or mark bugs as unrelated to performance.

Value Description
? Add bug to triage queue.
none Bug has no impact on product performance.
high Bug has a high impact on the product quality and experience. These bugs should ideally be resolved within 3-6 months.
medium Bug has a noticeable impact for a number of users. These bugs should ideally be resolved within 6-12 months.
low Bug has a noticeable performance impact but affects a group of users small enough, or the impact is low enough that it should be resolved in accordance with other priorities.
pending-needinfo Bug is waiting on further information before impact can be determined.


  • perf A bug that affects speed or responsiveness. (For memory use issues, use "memory-footprint" or "memory-leak" instead.)
  • perf-alert Associated with a performance alert.
  • perf:responsiveness The issue affects the promptness of the browser’s response to user input.
  • perf:resource-use The issue affects resource use excessively: cpu, gpu, ram, disk access, power, etc.
  • perf:pageload The issue affects the initial loading of websites.
  • perf:frontend The issue affects the browser front-end (i.e. the Firefox UI.)
  • perf:animation The issue affects the smoothness of animations.
  • perf:startup The issue affects application startup.