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Today’s meeting leader is: mconley

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] I suggest we clean out a few sections that haven’t been populated in many meetings:

    • Accessibility, Applications, Remote Protocol

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Ben D (:rockingskier)
  • Hunter Jones
  • Itiel
  • Miguel Roncancio

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • In Firefox 84, the add-ons optional permissions are listed in about:addons and the user can directly manage (grant or revoke) the optional permissions (until now only the extension could initiate the grant and revoke of the optional permissions) - Bug 1624513

    • Limitations: at the moment only the <all_urls> and “all urls”-like (e.g. https://*/*) host optional permissions are being listed and can be managed about:addons, Bug 1497075 is the follow up that is tracking further improvement in this area (“giving the user more control on the host permissions”)

Optional Permissions in about:addons on Firefox 84 (Bug 1624513) - Link to image

WebExtension APIs

  • Richa Sharma contributed a fix that makes sure that when browser.tabs.sendMessage is called on an invalid tab id (e.g. related to a non existing or a pending tab) the API call rejects with a more clear "Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist" error (instead of the generic "An unexpected error occurred") - Bug 1665568 (previously regressed in Firefox 79 by Bug 1583484)


Firefox Accounts

Sync and Storage



  • Jared fixed an issue where favicons in the bookmarks toolbar flicker when starting Firefox or opening a new window (see 1597084)

Developer Tools

  • Continue making DevTools Fission compatible (wiki with known issues)
  • Overflow debugging enabled in Nightly (call for feedback and comments, reach out on Element, or file a bug)

    • Done as part of GSoC and a larger team collaboration between DevTools and Platform. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the meta.

    • New Scroll badge next to elements that do have a scrollable overflow area.

      • You can also click on the "scroll" badge for scrollable elements to toggle highlighting of the overflow causing elements, which also have a new "overflow" badge next to them.






  • Nightly experiment is underway! Users can also opt-in to Fission on Nightly in about:preferences#experimental.

Form Autofill

Installer & Updater



  • We shipped v29 of Firefox for iOS!

    • It’s the first version built on iOS 14

    • It comes with Widgets that allow you to bring your favourite sites and open tabs directly to your homescreen


  • On save recs just went to release.

New Tab Page





Password Manager

PDFs & Printing

  • Emilio added support for “Print Selection Only” from the context menu when you have text selected Bug 140718 (19 year old bug!)
  • Emma fixed a bug where printing immediately after changing some settings could lose your change Bug 1668476
  • Sam has a patch (pending test failures) to handle more cases where users might have invalid paper size prefs saved Bug 1666523
  • Emma added some more telemetry to record any unexpected errors Bug 1668242
  • Neil has a patch in review to move PrintingChild to a JSWindowActor (it’s the last legacy actor :o) Bug 1669369


Performance Tools

  • Lots of improvements, bug fixes and code maintenance during the Outreachy contribution period! Complete list can be found here. Thank you all!
  • Flame graph tooltips now show the add-on name as resource (NisaSource).


  • If a marker has stack information, tooltip also shows when that stack information is captured (km-js).
  • Better timestamps for the Styles and Reflow markers. It was always showing the invalidation time as milliseconds, now it finds the most suitable unit (Cheederah).
  • Made the text of stack information more accessible by selecting a color with better contrast ratio (hetpatel33).


  • Made the origin texts of markers more accessible by selecting a color with better contrast ratio (hetpatel33).
  • Add-on icons now contain add-on names as alternative texts in the call-tree (Cheederah).
  • Made the screenshots bigger in the timeline (CipherGirl).369x243px



Remote Protocol (Chrome DevTools Protocol subset)

Search and Navigation

  • Fixed a bug where the urlbar couldn’t search for single words with a default POST search engine - Bug 1667931
  • Urlbar Update 2

    • Enabled for Beta, decision for Release to follow.

    • Various polish fixes for both tab to search and search shortcuts

    • Search mode is now supported by Session Restore - Bug 1655486

    • Introduced an onboarding tab-to-search result that is more visible for the first few sessions (or until used) - Bug 1665934

User Journey


This week I learned