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General Topics / Roundtable

  • [meta] New instructions for posting screenshots!
  • [meta] Now that we have These Weeks in Firefox, should we retire the wiki?
    • [MattN] If they had the same content then I would say “yes” but IIUC, some content isn’t posted on the blog.
      • [mconley] Correct - mostly internal stuff (e.g.: “Here’s a thing we can do with JSMs now”) end up going “below the fold”, and don’t get posted to the blog. I wager this bullet will also not be posted to the blog.
        • Oh, so it’s still part of the emails, just not the blog?

Friends of the Firefox team


  • None

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Hemakshi Sachdev [:hemakshis]
  • Manish [:manishkk]
  • Oriol Brufau [:Oriol]
  • Rainier Go [:rfgo]
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim
  • Trishul

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

  • Landed and uplifted MVP for experiments, Beta smoke test started Monday.
  • Preparing to run 16 layout experiments in Release 66 cycle for better engagement, e.g., large Hero articles vs List of articles
  • The team is helping Pocket engineers transition to increase ownership of new tab
  • CFR for Pinned Tabs will be our next recommendation experiment!

    • First experiment recommends add-ons, e.g., Facebook Container, Google Translate
    • Current experiment will suggest pinning tabs, e.g., Gmail, productivity / messaging sites
    • Future experiments for new types of recommendations for features (that already exist but might be hard to discover) that increase user retention -- suggestions welcome!

Add-ons / Web Extensions



  • Latest server release is on stage environment for testing prior to release (Changelog)

    • We have now exposed server shutdown strings to web localizers. In case anyone asks, Screenshots is not being removed from Firefox, just the ability to upload shots.
    • This upcoming server release will include tools to help users download their saved shots


  • [not for the blog, please] We hope to have our pre-alpha webextension ready for internal folks to test out soon. I’ll announce here when we’re ready for volunteers :-)
  • This past sprint continued the focus on foundational work:

    • [lorchard] “Reveal Password” functionality (#84)
    • [loines] Define & document telemetry metrics (#82)
    • [lorchard] Expect a complete Login when updating in addon Logins API (#80)
    • [6a68] Re-style the list view on the management page (#76)
  • Our work is tracked as the ‘desktop’ repository within the Lockbox waffle board
  • We don’t yet have any good-first-bugs filed, but swing by #lockbox if you want to contribute ^_^

Services (Firefox Accounts / Sync / Push)

  • Firefox Account discoverability

    • Firefox Account is experimenting with putting an avatar next to the hamburger menu. It will give users visibility on their account, sync status as well as links to manage the account. Targeting landing & beta uplift this week. (Bug 1524665)
    • 237x275px247x206px
    • Screenshots
    • Patch (Thanks vbudhram for working on this, and gijs, eoger, flod, ntim for reviews!)
  • New FxA device pairing flow landed in Nightly, but pref’d off for now. You’ll soon be able to sign in to FxA on Android and iOS by scanning a QR code, instead of typing your password!

Browser Architecture

  • No updates this week.

Developer Tools


  • XHR breakpoint type (ANY, GET, PUT, POST, etc.) can be now specified through new UI. Done by a contributor: Jaril

  • Log points UX has been improved (including syntax highlighting, context menu and markers) Done by a contributor: Bomsy & Florens

Log points are different from breakpoints - they don’t break JS execution, they just create a log when hit.


  • Resizeable Columns - Our Outreachy #17 intern Lenka Pelechova is finishing support for resizeable Columns in the Network panel. Currently focusing on Performance (bug)

Layout Tools

  • Our UX Designer Victoria Wang published survey for CSS Layout Debugging. You can help us build better CSS debugging tools (quick single-page survey)
  • It is now possible to copy all collected CSS changes done through DevTools UI. Thanks to Razvan Caliman.

  • Auto discovery of layout CSS properties (done by contributor: Micah Tigley). Hold shift and mouse over any defined property in the box-model widget (in the Layout sidebar) ==> this will highlight the corresponding CSS property in the rule-view.

Technical debt

  • Firefox 67 will soon display a removal notice (in the Options panel) about the Shader Editor, Canvas and Web Audio panels, which are going to be removed in 68. Work done by Yulia Startsev. Until the MDN page is up, you can look at the intent to unship post in the mailing list.

Remote Debugging