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Today’s meeting leader is: lina! Double surprise!

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • akshitha shetty
  • Carolina Jimenez Gomez
  • Dhruvi Butti
  • Fanny Batista Vieira [:fanny] [:fanny]
  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • Helena Moreno (aka helenatxu)
  • Hemakshi Sachdev [:hemakshis]
  • Heng Yeow (:tanhengyeow)
  • Ian Moody [:Kwan]
  • Jawad Ahmed [:jawad]
  • Mellina Y.
  • Monika Maheshwari [:MonikaMaheshwari]
  • Neha
  • Nidhi Kumari
  • Syeda Asra Arshia Qadri [:aqadri]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

Add-ons / Web Extensions (read-only, unfortunately)



  • No updates this week.


  • Planning 68/69 work. No other updates this week.

Services (Firefox Accounts / Sync / Push)

  • Thom is working on an HTTP client abstraction for our Rust components.

    • We’ll use Necko (via GeckoView) on Android, and system networking libraries on iOS.

  • Thom and Ryan also have a proposal for a crypto abstraction (NSS and OS-level crypto), for encrypting and decrypting sync records and push messages.
  • The new, more discoverable FxA doorhanger is in Nightly!
  • Rust-powered bookmark merging landed in Nightly! Both Desktop and the Rust components we’re building for mobile use the same merger now.

    • You can enable the services.sync.bookmarks.buffer.enabled pref to check it out.

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Thanks to Fanny Batista Vieira (GSOC), Adrian Anderson (Outreachy) and nikitarajput360 (Outreachy) for working on bug 1115363 - Add a Copy context menu item to the Storage Inspector.
  • Thanks to Avi Mathur for working on bug 1291427 - Table headers are not removed when selecting an empty storage
  • Good number of external contributions for the Console:

    • Helena Moreno added support for Cmd+K to clear the console - Bug 1532939

    • Helena Moreno added support to open URL of network messages with Cmd/Ctrl + click in the console - Bug 1466040

    • Erik Carillo made the console less painful to navigate with the keyboard by adding a `role=main` attribute on the output - Bug 1530936

    • Bisola Omisore implemented NOT clearing the console input when evaluating, for the editor mode - Bug 1519313

    • + lots of in progress bugs

  • Grouping of tracking protection messages in Console is in progress - Bug 1524276
  • Column breakpoints in the Debugger are faster and more polished, esp. on reload
  • Network Panel now has support for resizable columns (Bug 1533764). Kudos to Lenka, who finished this feature during her Outreachy internship and who already picked up the next feature.
  • Landed a blank markup view bug related to a CORS issue (Bug 1535661)
  • Landed meta viewport support for Responsive Design Mode behind pref (devtools.responsive.metaViewport.enabled)
  • Also landed a redesigned settings panel for RDM (thanks to our design contributors @KrisKristin) and will soon land the ability to edit devices
  • You can now (remote) debug service workers in e10s multiprocess if you are also running the new ServiceWorkers implementation (dom.serviceWorkers.parent_intercept) (bug)
  • The all new and improved about:debugging is getting close to shipping (try it by enabling or going to about:debugging-new). This new version allows you to debug Gecko in USB devices without launching WebIDE, amongst many other improvements.

    • If you test it and find bugs, please file them here and we’ll take care of them.

  • Removed Shader, Web audio, Canvas and shared components (see Intent to Unship for reference)


  • No major updates this week, though Felipe and mconley have put together a short-list of components to port, including:

    • WebNavigationChild

    • BrowserTabChild

    • BrowserChild

    • tab-content.js

    • about:neterror

    • about:tabcrashed

  • The aim is to have these ported in time to demo for Whistler


  • Ian Moody is rolling out the ESLint rule no-throw-literal across the tree.

    • This will help improve our error messages and handling.

  • Gijs is working on enabling at least basic ESLint parsing for xul files.
  • ESlint is now enabled for docshell, uriloader, dom/browser-element and dom/url
  • (Hopefully) landing soon:

    • 'Automatic' ESLint configuration for test directories.

    • Less .eslintrc.js files will be needed.

    • Directories where the path is of the following formats will be automatically configured and not need a .eslintrc.js file:

      • xpcshell

        • **/test*/unit*/

        • **/test*/xpcshell/

      • browser-chrome mochitests: **/test*/**/browser/
      • plain mochitests: **/test*/mochitest/
      • chrome mochitests: **/test*/chrome/
    • I'm planning more follow-up work in the future to re-organise non-matching test directories to fit these structures where possible. Things like browser/base/content/test may get special exceptions.


Password Manager


Performance tools

  • Added "Build Type” and "Update Channel” information to header metadata panel.

Metadata panel on Firefox Profiler that includes “Build Type” and “Update Channel” information

  • Added a “PID” label under the global tracks.

Parent Process track with PID under it

  • Working on PII sanitization before sharing a profile. Will be ready within a couple of weeks.

Policy Engine (mkaply not in meeting)



Search and Navigation


  • Studies:

    • Federated learning should launch in April

    • NewTab Search in private browsing is live

    • Quantum Bar in nightly is live

  • Working on remaining unit test failures, before landing built-in WebExtension Search Engines on Nightly 68

Quantum Bar:

  • Initial API design for future experiments, under discussion

User Experience

This week I learned