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General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • Landed Activity Stream on about:home, passing all relevant Talos tests and Browser Startup benchmarks
  • Landed improved Top Sites with full rich icon support (Bug 1399320)
  • Fine tuned UX and knocked down many P2 tickets
  • Pref’d on Activity Stream by default on about:newtab and about:home for 57 Beta cycle (GREEN status - no blockers)
  • We are continuing to examine and improve overall performance of Activity Stream on about:home

Browser Architecture

  • Formed a team to do a design review on XBL removal plans
  • Sent out a front-end developer survey
  • See our most recent newsletter!

Electrolysis (e10s)

  • Improvements to memory usage means we might consider increasing the content process limit at some point in the future. Check out erahm’s blog post!

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Update agent work has begun, starting with the downloader, which plans to spin off the update download as a background process (so the update continues even if the user’s session ends). This is aiming for FF58.
  • Optimized data in crash reports and crash ping processing have landed in FF57 (even though they were targeted for 58).
  • JAWS client version has been added to the updater URL, just in time for 56.
  • Long-standing updater icon re-purposing has been accidentally solved by Sync (thanks! o/).

Form Autofill


  • Landed some dependency fixes around eslint-plugin-mozilla.
    • If you hit “TypeError: Cannot read property 'ecmaFeatures' of undefined", please rm -r node_modules (within top-level source directory), then try running ESLint again.





  • No update, triaging and helping out where needed


Platform Audibles

  • JSM’s are now sharing the same global! This means that the per-compartment memory overhead of creating new JSM’s is gone, and the cross-compartment wrapper “tax” when accessing objects across JSM’s is gone! \o/


Search and Navigation

Sync / Firefox Accounts

  • Edouard is implementing native desktop notifications for Windows 8 and 10!
  • Kit is porting structured bookmark application to Desktop from iOS. Instead of applying downloaded bookmarks directly to Places, we’ll stage them in a separate buffer, run a tree merge, resolve conflicts, and then update Places in a single transaction.
    • This will fix a class of persistent bugs around random dupes, moves, reordering, incorrectly merged folders, interrupted syncs, and devices falling out of sync with the server.
  • Thom is removing more event loop spinning from Sync.
    • This should prevent Sync from spuriously appearing in performance profiles, unless it’s actually janking the browser.
  • Edouard landed a more responsive Sync animation if you click “Sync Now” at startup before Sync has loaded.

Web Payments

  • In-tree docs:
  • Landed:
    • Bug 1402210 - Add PaymentRequest UI documentation and do minor code cleanup
    • Bug 1382388 - Make the PaymentRequest dialog unprivileged and remote plus add an abort button
      • Dialog contents are now in a remote, unprivileged frame to improve security and responsiveness. See docs for more info.
  • In progress:
    • Bug 1383300 - Show origin and total roughly similar to the UX specs
  • Platform bug hindering manual testing fixed by another landing

This week I learned

  • [johannh] Heads up: There are windows without a navbar/urlbar. Extensions are able to create fully chrome-less popups (discussion in here)
  • [jaws] Browser Toolbox (or regular page Inspector), right-click on node within Inspector and choose Copy -> CSS Selector to get a selector that resolves to the node that is selected (very helpful!)
  • [gijs] If you’re like me you sometimes try to inspect something in the browser toolbox and XBL means “it doesn’t work” (the inspector doesn’t scroll to the right place, and if you look it up manually one of the parents has a little expander icon but no children). That’s tracked here, and a workaround is to use the search box in the inspector with a selector instead, and then expanding the tree.