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Today’s meeting leader is: mikedeboer

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


  • More interns!
  • Harry Twyford (re-)joined us since Monday

    • Thanks to him we’ve got a working TouchBar on Mac OSX ;-)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • Kestrel
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions


Firefox Accounts


Sync and Storage


Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

Cheerful note: lots of praise for Firefox & Firefox DevTools at last week’s CSSConf EU --- Thanks to everyone who made this happen! (composite by Harald, thanks!)

Alt text = composite image of tweets praising Firefox & DevTools

Some tweets:

Layout Tools alt text = screenshot depicting inactive css tool warning the developer that a CSS rule has no effect and why

  • WebCompat Diagnosis Tooling: new prototype with DevTools sidebar panel to show compatibility issues and MDN compatibility data for CSS properties. Investigating the complexity of making a Lighthouse plugin for use in Chrome and other consumers. (alt text = screenshot of webcompat diagnosis tool prototype, showing a list of web compatibility issues detected on the current website on the developer tools

  • The color-picker just got a bit of a re-design. Bug 1478152. Thanks Maliha Islam [:maliha] and Micah for pushing this over the edge! alt text = screenshot of redesigned color picker


Console grouping MVP complete (to enable it, go to DevTools settings, Console and tick ‘Group similar messages’)

(alt text = screenshot of DevTools console displaying an uncollapsed group of similar messages)

  • You can also resend requests from the console - implemented by Christoph Walcher — Bug 1530138 -- To test it, right click on the request and select ‘Resend request’
  • Show error count in toolbox by Hemakshi — Bug 1109362


  • Beginning work on DOM Mutation breakpoints
  • Event breakpoints work is also progressing

Remote Debugging

  • "Enable addon debugging" checkbox is gone, addon debugging "just works" now!
  • The new about:debugging is now disabled on Beta 68, still enabled in DevEdition 68 and Nightly 69. Should ride the trains with 69



  • (no voice update)
  • Working towards enabling ESLint everywhere, Standard8 has enabled it on more directories, but disabled the failing rules. As a result, we get at least basic syntax checking and some limited rule coverage. Enabling the remaining rules will come as follow-up mentored bugs.

    • Enabled top-level directories (last two weeks): extensions/permissions, extensions/spellcheck, extensions/universalchardet, image, startupcache, netwerk and layout

  • dom/ will still be enabled on a per-subdirectory basis until we get further towards completing it. dom/flex and dom/grid have just been enabled.

Password Manager


Performance tools


New context menu in marker chart (

  • We are removing the Gecko Profiler Add-on, and integrating directly with Firefox. The code has landed in Firefox but it's not been heavily tested yet. You can try and give us feedback if you want! This will move use closer to being the default profiler in DevTools.

Enable it in Tools > Web Developer > Enable Profiler Toolbar Icon (

New integrated profiler icon and panel (

  • New “base profiler” will land soon. That will help users to profile early stage of Firefox startup before libxul. Here's an example profile of what happens during startup before loading libxul:
  • We are going to run a Profiling Workshop and have a demo booth for profiler in Whistler All Hands. Workshop will be in Fairmont, Macdonald C. If you are interested in profiling, join us!


Policy Engine

  • Just bug fixes and trying to track down intermittents.


Search and Navigation


Quantum Bar:

User Journey (formerly Activity Stream)