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Today’s meeting leader is: MattN

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Are you in one of the Mozilla offices? sccache distributed builds might be something you want to look at!

    • Run more of your build in parallel using the free cycles of build machines sitting in the office

    • In theory, this should work for Windows too

    • Also in theory, one might be able to set up a build cluster at a home office

    • Documentation, and helpful people like chmanchester in #sccache

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Alex Vincent [:WeirdAl]
  • Ben Campbell
  • Christoph Walcher
  • Chujun Lu
  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • Itiel
  • jaril
  • Mustafa
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

  • Shane landed the first bits of the changes to the webextensions CSP (Bug 1581611, Bug 1587939, Bug 1581609, content script CSP is currently behind the “extensions.content_script_csp.enabled” and “extensions.content_script_csp.report_only“ prefs), and fixed a bug related to the behavior of the "private browsing" checkbox included in the post install notification (Bug 1581852).
  • Tomislav fixed AddonManagerWebAPI::IsAPIEnabled in Fission out-of-process iframes (Bug 1591736)
  • Mark Striemer moved the about:addons page header, page options, search addons field and global warnings from XUL to HTML (Bug 1545346)
  • Andrea Marchesini is moving secure-proxy experimental APIs into mozilla-central (Bug 1592687, Bug 1592932), and added the third-party state to the request details provided by the webRequest and proxy API events (Bug 1591900)
  • Gijs made sure that Firefox reuses an existing about:preferences tab when the user is opening it from the about:addons page (Bug 1592600)
  • Matt Woodrow fixed webRequest API regression (Bug 1590898, recently regressed by Bug 1583700)
  • Graham extended the browserAction/pageAction onClicked API event to allow extensions to receive "middle-button" mouse clicks and extended the onClicked event details to also include mouse buttons and keyboard modifiers states (Bug 1405031). Thanks Graham for contributing this enhancement!!!
  • Itiel fixed the alignment of the warnings/errors messages part of the about:addons extensions shortcuts view when the RTL mode is enabled (Bug 1575472). Thanks Itiel for contributing this fix!
  • Trishul fixed a webRequest bug triggered by webRequest API events received for tabs that are already closed (Bug 1447807). Thanks Trishul for looking into it and contributing a fix!


Firefox Accounts

  • No updates

Sync and Storage

  • No updates


  • No updates

Browser Architecture

  • No updates

Developer Tools

  • Fission PSA: “Omniscient” (ability inspect/debug multiple processes) Browser Toolbox will be enabled by default the coming days

    • As a follow up, the Browser Content Toolbox (debugs the content process of for the current tab) will be no longer needed and removed.

  • Console’s multi-line editor mode now has shortcuts for importing and saving your snippets back files: Ctrl/Cmd-O and Ctrl/Cmd-S . Bringing in another Scratchpad flow based on user feedback.
  • Debugger’s new Watchpoints, which let you pause on object property get/set, are on by default in Nightly and will ride to DevEdition for more QA and user feedback

    • 📯 Please try it out and provide feedback

    • 539x197px
      Watchpoint paused on this.model.attributes.completed being set (source)

  • Network’s new Request Blocking lets you block requests based on matches patterns – it is now enabled by default on Nightly and DevEdition

    • 📯 Please try it out and provide feedback

  • Contributor Sorin Davidoi optimized the Debugger to use less resources when the tab is in the background.
  • Browser Toolbox’s --jsdebugger for can now be overridden with another Firefox executable that will be used for the Browser Toolbox, so you can run DevTools in an optimized build: ./mach run --jsdebugger $NIGHTLY


  • M4 came and went with 130 or so tests still not enabled. Teams will continue to fix tests while making the fission enabled browser stable enough for daily use, which is our M5 target.
  • Classified front end work for M5
  • Some work already finished:


  • Nothing to report this week

New Tab Page

  • Getting Discovery Stream working for de. (right now it’s just en-US and en-CA)
  • Turning personalization back on for sponsored content.
  • Some minor UI and UX fixes and some experiments.

Password Manager


Performance Tools

  • The profile metadata panel now shows the settings that were used to capture the profile.


  • There’s a new Track IPC feature (off by default) that can be enabled from the profiler’s capture panel to track async IPC.


Example profile of the IPC happening when opening new tabs.




Search and Navigation


Address Bar:

  • Regression fixes:

  • Visual redesign (aka “megabar”, Firefox 73)

    • Temporarily disabled in Nightly, we are working on a new revision of the design, additional feedback on the old revision was not useful. Will re-enable once we are closer to MVP.

    • New one-off buttons flex behavior for small windows

    • Removed some more legacy urlbar code, especially from autocomplete

  • Search Interventions experiment (Firefox 72)

    • Experimental add-on is being worked on.

  • Search Nudges experiment (Firefox 72)

    • Project revised to use the Search Interventions API.

User Journey

This week I learned

  • [mconley] is a free, open-source web application that is useful for drawing diagrams. No account necessary to get a drawing going. Also easy to install as an application if you happen to run a NextCloud instance.