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Today’s meeting leader is: MattN

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [johannh] Welcome Paul Zühlcke [:pbz], working student in the Berlin office who will work on the Security & Privacy Engineering team, focusing on Evil Traps for now

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Carolina Jimenez Gomez
  • Dhyey Thakore [:dhyey35]
  • Hemakshi Sachdev [:hemakshis]
  • Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+0)
  • Martin Stránský [:stransky]
  • Mellina Y.
  • PhoenixAbhishek
  • Suriyaa Sundararuban [:suriyaa]
  • Trishul
  • Yuan Cheng

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

  • Finalized transition document for Pocket to take ownership of about:newtab/home
  • “Activity Stream” team assists Pocket until 70 while expanding a Firefox Messaging System (from Activity Stream Router and Contextual Feature Recommendations)
  • Improved code coverage by including jsx and approaching 100% like jsm

Discovery Stream

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Also, would love to have someone help with our interview panel, second stage. Contact ddurst if you can help.



  • No updates this week


  • No updates this week

Firefox Accounts



  • No updates this week

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Layout Tools

    • Starting to work on Inactive CSS. This lets users see when CSS declarations are valid but do not have any effect on the page (bug, mockup #1 "how inactive CSS declarations look in the inspector", mockup #2 "example of tooltips telling users why a declaration is inactive").

    • We're bringing back Print Simulation! (it was removed with GCLI). The bug to add it back into the inspector has landed today! (demo "Toggling the print styles on wikipedia")

    • The Font editor now supports editing letter-spacing too (bug, demo "controlling letter-spacing from the Fonts panel").

    • Coming soon: Making CSS warnings in the console more useful. That means, e.g., not emitting warnings for vendor-prefixed properties when corresponding unprefixed properties exist. Or linking warnings to DOM nodes in the inspector. Thanks to jdescottes, nchevobbe and emilio for working on the platform support (bug 1538103, bug 1537876).

  • Debugger

    • Uplifting several fixes for column breakpoints and windowless workers.

    • Column Breakpoints are pretty solid now. As always, please keep an eye out for issues and report any if needed.

    • Most of the team is busy with general debugger quality issues they've prioritized.

  • Console

    • If you switch `devtools.webconsole.groupWarningMessages`, then content blocking messages will be grouped together in console. Much easier to read the output!

    • Clicking on a location in the console now opens the debugger at the expected column (thanks Mellina (yogmel), bug).

    • Switch `devtools.webconsole.input.autocomplete` if you want to turn autocompletion off entirely (thanks Dhruvi, bug).

  • Remote Debugging

    • ✨NEW✨ remote debugging is ON in Nightly now (i.e. if you type in about:debugging you get the new experience).

    • “intent to unship” notice for webide/connect page has been sent.

  • Fission

    • Platform work on this requires the DevTools toolbox to be loaded via `<iframe type=”content”/>`. This means the toolbox document is slightly more “sandboxed” into its frame. This unblocks Fission, which is good! (see bug and bug).




Password Manager

  • Access to the logins list from the entry points not tied to a specific website (about:preferences and the main menu) has nearly doubled in the week-and-a-half since adding the main menu item.602x204px
  • Access from a page context (filtered to show logins for that domain) has grown over 50x in just two days since enabling the autocomplete footer!



Performance tools

  • (no update this week)

Policy Engine (Not in meeting)


Search and Navigation


Quantum Bar:

  • Fixed a regression causing us to get search suggestions for file:// uris
  • Refining details about the first Quantum Bar experiment, to be run in Q2

User Experience

This week I learned