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Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - 11:00am PDT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Fin du Monde Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95312 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: Warp Core
  • Vidyo Guest URL
These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.

Actions from Last Week

Schedule & Progress on Upcoming Releases

Firefox Desktop

Release (3.6, 6) | Beta (7) | Aurora (8)

  • Had to do a chemspill release for an issue with DigiNotar.

Nightly (9)

Firefox Mobile

m-c Nightly (9)

Firefox Sync

Add-on Builder

Add-on SDK

Release (1.0 -> Firefox 5 & 6)

  • per last week: 1.0 is not fully compatible with Firefox 7, so we will be repacking 1.0-based addons with 1.1
  • mossop, dbuc, myk, and clouserw met this morning, crafted a plan to test the repacking process before initiating it for reals, and are starting to execute on it today (test plan)

Stabilization (1.1 -> Firefox 7)

  • first candidate build, 1.1rc1, spun and distributed yesterday, Tuesday, August 30 (release announcement)
  • testing so far has identified one potential blocker (regression bug 679554)
  • final release remains on schedule for Tuesday, September 13 (draft of release notes)

Development (1.2 -> Firefox 8)

  • development continues apace

Input 4.3

  • Grouperfish stood up and integrated with Input by the end of September; To do list and documentation can be found on their Read the Docs home
  • Tell Us More slated for end of September, beginning of October

Feedback Summary


Firefox 6.0.1

  • Some reports that Flash is "marked incompatible" in 6.0.1 and that some flash video isn't working.
    • Actually "Adobe Flash Plugin" is a malware extension... *shrug*.
  • Some dutch comments with "ID cards" not working but my Dutch is rusty.

Firefox 6.0

  • New: Users are not sure where the Unsorted Bookmarks in the bookmarks menu comes from. (caused by bug 625325)
  • Everything else much the same as before

Firefox 7.0

  • New: We may have broken session restore from about:home in a recent beta but menu still works.
  • Loss of http is sad-making



  • 32 new questions last week
  • 12879 views on mobile support home page, up from 11557 last week.
  • 929 'I have this problem too' votes, up from 700 last week
  • No flash and new device support continue to be most voted problems on SUMO

Android Market

FF6 comments (78); all languages:

Dissatisfiers FF6; 1 star & 2 star ratings (35), week of August 22-28:

  • slow and unstable=25
  • no flash=7
  • UI=6 (zoom, copy/paste)
  • hogs resources=6
  • update broke it=2 (DroidX)

FF7 comments (58); all languages:

Dissatisfiers FF7; 1 star and 2 star ratings (23), week of August 16-22:

  • slow=12
  • UI=9 (text entry issues)
  • no flash=11



  • Praise: 331
  • Issue: 96 (25 no flash, 6 slow performance, and UI: history/zoom/text reflow; are the clustered issues)


  • Praise: 116
  • Issue: 99 (20 no flash, 6 slow performance, and UI: history/zoom/complexity; are the clustered issues)

UX & User Research

Market Insights


  • Chrome Dev builds now sync a users "Omnibox history" (i.e. all search and navigation requests and history) and Chromium builds show an option to sync "Foreign sessions" (i.e. tabs on other machines).
  • Chrome Canary Builds show an option to "Enable automatic sign in for Google sites", although in testing, this isn't fully functional.
  • Google released an offline Gmail app - Chrome lost Gmail offline capability at the start of the summer after dropping support for Gears.
  • MuteTab was released - an extension that allows you to quieten a specific Chrome tab. 
  • Google is placing increasing emphasis on gaming for the Chrome platform beyond casual gaming. Google is the Premium Sponsor of New Game conference, and has been copromoting a number of games in the Chrome app store, and there have been discussions in the Chromium project about integrating the Joystick API.
  • Fastsoft, a "world leader web acceleration", announced it will integrate mod_pagespeed, a web server module to take advantage of the SPDY protocol.
  • A Beta of Windows 8 is expected at the BUILD conference, starting September 12th; it's likely that an IE10 beta will be released, at the very minimum, product features (beyond platform support) can be expected announced.


Summary below, full update here and in your inbox.

  • Opera reported record results, with most revenues coming from mobile operator deals
  • Mobotap launched an iPhone version of the Dolphin browser with a similar look and feel, as well as key features
  • Samsung presented 3 new Bada handsets and is preparing new Android device announcements tomorrow
  • The first, 7-inch, Amazon tablet is rumoured to be shipping in October, followed by a 10-inch version early 2012

Marketing, Press & Public Reaction

Questions, Comments, FYI

  • myk: Where's the template for these notes? I'd like to edit the section title that shows up each week for the Add-on SDK.
  • What do we think of shipping the update 4 days after pushing to website? -- This will really help the add-on situation IMO. (Cheng)

Actions this week

  • Dave Mason to come back with information about jetpack adoption metrics as viewed through AMO
  • Michelle to scour mobile "flash fail" feedback to see if it's clustered around a small number of sites