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Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - 11:00am PDT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Finch Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99696 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99696 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: ProductCoordination
  • Vidyo Guest URL
These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.

Actions from Last Week

  • Matt/Cheng to collate PDF.js feedback: [1]
  • Gavin to update on the state of 3rd party add on drops
  • John J to establish Mozilla Preferred spelling of crapton[ne]
    • In order to properly assess this issue, it is important to understand the relevant etymology:
      • "Crapton[ne]" is, obviously, a portmanteau of two words. "Crap" has its origins from the mid-15th century, when crappe was "grain that was trodden underfoot in a barn, chaff". "Ton", or in French "tonne", has its origins in "tun", a large cask, coming from the old Germanic and Celtic languages of Northern Europe, potentially as far back as the 9th century.
      • It appears that while "ton" has a much older history, "tonne", now often used to refer to a metric ton of 1000kg, is in better keeping with Mozilla's spirit of internationalization and standardization. It is therefore suggested that, for Mozillians, the correct spelling is "craptonne".
  • John J to run next week's meeting

Schedule & Progress on Upcoming Releases


Firefox Desktop

Release (15, 10esr)

  • ESR10.0.8 will be released on 10/9

Beta (16)

  • Beta 5 is being built, will be shipped before the end of the week
    • Includes all the Win8 fixes we're planning to take for FF16
  • Beta 6 (minimal change) will be going to build on Monday, with a short turnaround on pushing out
  • Sign-offs will be held next Wednesday morning PT

Aurora (17)

  • CTP blocklisting (and testing) is hopefully coming this week
  • Social API uplift incoming as well

Nightly (18)

Firefox Mobile

Release (15)

Beta (16)

  • Still chasing down a couple of high volume crashes related to CyanogenMod for Beta 6
  • Final decision on whether or not we're shipping ARMv6 will be based upon feedback volume and unit testing after bug 793740 lands

Aurora (17)

Nightly (18)


Firefox Sync

  • Planning continuing for the next generation of Sync (branding TBD)
    • Will use Firefox Account for auth
    • Plan to be published by EOW

Android Snippets

  • Spec mostly done
  • mconnor on point to get through privacy/security reviews
  • exact release vehicle TBD

Add-on SDK

Release (1.10 -> Firefox 16, 17)

Stabilization (1.11 -> Firefox 17, 18)

Development (1.12 -> Firefox 18, 19)

Landing progress:

  • loader: ✓
  • m-c landing plan - under review, will report at length next week.

Re-pack progress:

  • re-pack emails sent out to 400+ developers
  • roughly ~10% feedback rate, no serous problems reported
  • Jorge is looking at generating a report for exact numbers



Feedback Summary


Things have stabilized for 15.0.1:

  • Still seeing reports of slowness and perf issues. Looking back historically though, it seems we are close to where we were towards the start of the year. [2]
  • We see a general increase in reports of Google sites performing poorly
  • We saw another spike in Babylon related issues over the last week.[3]



15.0.1 is fairly stable. We are tracking a few crashes that affect both Release and Beta (Mainly Nexus 7, Bug 792473.

Please read the Mobile Meeting notes from this morning for more detail.

User Experience (design & research)

  • [desktop]
    • Simple web notifications bug 782211 - opt-in doorhanger and fallback notifications (i.e. when no OS system like on Android or MacOS Notification Center): (Shorlander)
    • [Australis] Customization - Final design summary spec being assembled (Zhenshuo, Blake)
    • [dev tools] (Brian Dils)
    • [Social API] (Boriss)
    • [hometab/newtab] (Boriss)
      • Integrating feedback from several sources (see ideas from Shorlander, Ian) into one design described in one document. Updates on wiki
      • Direction of adjusting to devices & user interaction while being consistent enough for muscle memory formation very much the shared goal (eg, slide right for more categories)
      • Kickoff with everyone who's worked on some aspect of this, mobile and desktop, as well as research late last week
  • [sync/identity]
    • draft proposal covering all the cases (new user; existing Sync user; existing Persona ID user) for Firefox sign-in / sync setup on desktop and mobile Draft document (pdf) (zhenshuo + ibarlow)
    • User-reserach completed their project understanding how people think about their identities both online and in the real world. Final report in preparation. (Mary, Lindsay)
  • [project SPF (security/privacy)] (larissa)
    • Real v1 draft of Designing Usable Security in Firefox report -- please read!
      • finishing this work and brainstorming phase 2 of Project SPF
    • looking into bringing our Mixed Content designs to Android Firefox
  • [webRTC] (Boriss)
    • Sketching ideas for the need for cohesive, consistent notifications across devices, main question what kind of priority Firefox gives presence (communication) versus flow (present task focus)
  • [Behavioral Segmentation Study] (Lindsay, Bill, Leo)
    • Detailed planning started. The goal is to define and elaborate distinct user groups for Firefox based on a diary study, contextual inquiry and quantitative surveys and analysis. Once established, user groups will be publicly available and employed to make decisions about features and user experience design decisions when resources for a user research study are not available or are unnecessary.
    • As part of this planning, Leo is starting a quantitative study to identify Firefox user behaviors. Specifically, the project will
      • Establish a typology of Firefox Users based on Test Pilot data including survey (attitudes) and behaviors
      • Identify bias in Test Pilot users as compared to general population, i.e. Metrics report
      • Provide quantitative insight to inform qualitative behavioral segmentation study; would help to identify which groups to recruit from and what questions to ask
  • [other/future]
    • working on a draft of a system of UX metrics and success criteria (Madhava, Cori)
    • in the related-to-Firefox-design dept: Design principles behind FirefoxOS blog post here (Patryk)

Market Insights

Desktop / Platform

  • A group of web developers, led by Google, released RoboHornet, a new "benchmark designed around performance pain points real web developers care about". Microsoft and Mozilla have largely described the suite as a collection of micro-tests inappropriate for overall benchmarking.

Marketing, Press & Public Reaction


  • No marketing updates this week


Happy Birthday, Firefox: The Little Web Browser That Could Turns 10

Need to tune up your browser? Firefox Health Report can help

Firefox Health Report Gives Your Browser a Check-Up

Firefox 18 to be delayed by a week

Questions, Comments, FYI

Actions this week