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Firefox/Projects/Doorhanger notifications

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Redesign notifications to address various issues with them and provide a unified action/notification area.

  • Project Lead: gavin
  • Project Members: faaborg (UX)


See Firefox/Projects/Doorhanger_notifications/Design.


Landed on trunk. Some followup issues remain.


  • Design and implement a new notification system as a replacement for notification boxes, to address their current limitations


Timeline / Milestones

Main tracking bug: bug 398776.


  • Implement new notification API (popup based, allows specifying primary action button / secondary action menus)
    • Use geolocation notification as initial proof of concept consumer.
  • Migrate existing notificationbox users to new API
  • Styling improvements to menu-buttons (bug 509642, notification panels, etc.)


  • Notification API test suite as part of initial implementation
  • Backfill and updating of tests for current notifications

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