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Issues with current notification bars

  1. You have to move your gaze all the way to the left side of the bar before you know what it is trying to tell you. There is no way to process the notification with your peripheral vision
  2. The message and the actions are often very far apart if the user has a wide monitor
  3. The range of possible options obfuscates the most common option (varies by notification, some are better than others)
  4. Sometimes the action buttons don't express what they are going to do. For instance "Tell them" or "Ok" instead of "Share Location"
  5. Close is a very small target, and there are usually two way to dismiss that bar (in this case "Don't Share" and close)
  6. You have to choose an option, close the bar, or navigate to a new page. There is no way to "ignore and look the other way". It's not as bad as modal dialog, but for some sites like Gmail, the password manager bar never goes away
  7. After you make a decision, there is no direct way to later change your mind. The action buttons and the close button don't easily support undo.
  8. The notification bars map well to producing a message related to the Web page. But there isn't a good way for the browser itself to address the user
  9. When a notification bar appears it causes the entire content area to shift down
  10. Because these message are in the content area, it is technically possible for Web site to spoof them
  11. Notification bar are kind of a heavy interface. They don't really support follow up messages like "you were just automatically logged in with out user name and password" or "your location was just shared again." These messages are more like a flashing LED than a question that the user has to answer
  12. Notification bars don't currently stack when there are multiple notifications, but appear in sequence one after the other