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This Wiki tracks the Engagement work done to support the Firefox release on Windows 10.

Major design and product updates are targeting Firefox 40, to be released on August 11th.



  • /whatsnew (Firefox 40)
  • PR imagery (Firefox 40)
  • Desktop acquisition (Firefox 40)
  • SUMO how to default article (Firefox 40)
  • Default browser snippet (Firefox 40)
  • Windows 10 welcome/start page (Firefox 41)
  • Landing page (TBD)

Target Markets

U.S. Germany France Brazil U.K. Russia Canada Mexico Japan Spain

Tracking Bug

Bug 1180009 - (meta) Engagement work supporting Firefox for Windows 10

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Name Role
Project Manager Cory Price
Product Marketing Fabio Rios, Winston Bowden
Web Development Alex Gibson
Design Lee Tom
Copy Troy Palmer, Matej Novak
QA Rebecca Billings
Localization Francesco Lodolo
Legal Mika Devi
SUMO Joni Savage, Michael Cooper