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This document is totally obsolete.
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Firefox 2 ("Bon Echo") Features/Components

Priority Line Item Team Lead
1 New Bookmark and History System Ben Goodger
1 Tabbed browsing UI improvements & defaults Mike Connor
1 Extension Manager enhancements Robert Strong, Dan Veditz
1 Search Engine UI improvements (add/remove/options) Gavin Sharp
1 Updated browser window appearance Mike Beltzner
2 Platform patch uplift Brendan Eich
2 In-line spell check Brett
2 Instrumentation / exit surveys Brian Ryner
2 Session Restore Dietrich Ayala
2 Branding & update systems Mike Schroepfer
3 Fully integrated RSS functionality Ben Goodger
3 Browser status indication system & UI Mike Connor
3 Offline mode detection & better use of cache Darin Fisher
3 Pluggable Download Manager John Lilly
3 Anti-phishing Chris Beard

These features are to be described in more detail using the Line Item Plan Template