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Places is a system for storing bookmarks, history, and other user information about the Web, intended to improve developer access to this data and make it easier for people to Bookmark pages. Places is currently enabled for Firefox 3 and greater, powering History and Bookmarks, as well as providing plumbing for Livemarks, Annotations and Microsummaries and the Awesomebar.

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As of Firefox 3, the APIs for accessing Bookmarks and History have been replaced. Some history APIs remain the same. See the Places developer wiki for more information.


The APIs for accessing and manipulating Bookmarks and History have been replaced entirely in Firefox 3, and are incompatible. Almost all Bookmarks and History user interface components have been replaced or updated significantly. Any extension that does anything with History or Bookmarks will almost certainly have to be rewritten, at the very least to use the new APIs.

Timeline and History

  • Initial Places implementation slated for Firefox 2. Landed for early alphas and then backed out and eventually cut from the release. [TODO: proper links and dates needed]
  • Project re-initialized in fall 2007, slated for Firefox 3.
  • History-on-Places was enabled on the trunk in January 2007, first released in Gran Paradiso Alpha 2.
  • Bookmarks-on-Places was enabled in May 2007, first released in Gran Paradiso Alpha 5.


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Discussion & Research

In-depth discussion is in the original design documents, linked from Places:Design Overview.