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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181 (or +1 303 228 0514)
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 2 Status
    1. Long Poles
    2. New Areas of Concern
  2. Any Other Business

Bon Echo Beta 2

buglist: Firefox 2 Beta 2 blockers

  • if you want something in beta2, nominate the bug as blocking-firefox2? or blocking1.8.1? and set the target milestone as Firefox 2 beta2 or mozilla1.8.1beta2; drivers to triage the list daily from here to beta2 release (note: no target milestone means that it's not blocking that target)
  • if you own a blocker and either see no clear path to resolution or have no time to complete, please mark as [at risk]

Schedule Review

  • August 1: code freeze
  • August 2-7: beta rcs, qa, l10n-qa, release notes
  • August 8: planned ship date

Long Poles

Visual Refresh

  • tracking bug is bug 328065
  • beltzner: patches starting to land today, will post to dev.apps.firefox when it's time to really test the edges of this to get appropriate shakeout

Tab Overflow

  • design discussion & patches in bug 343251
  • landed last week, some follow up bugs coming, some minor ui-tweak decisions to be made (scroll buttons, appearance of drop-down menu)
    • seth: improving animation for overflow, there are some floating bugs on ui that need module owner decisions (ben/mconnor) on such as: outline visual set of tabs, scrollbuttons (do we keep them? size?)
    • ben: it's hard for me to reach any firm decision at the moment; would like some more time to play around with it

Spell Check

  • master tracking in bug 341420 and bug 338999
    • brettw: big very scary patch for selection waiting on sr=, and a patch to make it incremental which I'll be doing in the next couple of days; but if these get in, spellchecker will rock.
    • pkasting: it really does speed things up on my machine where I've been testing them locally
    • bug 339123 scott was resistant due to the fact that we get clobbered by updates to openoffice. I'm suggesting that we'd just continue to update it with security and stability updates, or also submit the changes to OpenOffice.
    • bsmedberg: I'm working on the repackaging; the only thing that blocks the code is getting a URI from Add-ons for adding the new dictionaries, should be coming in a day or two.

Pref Panel

  • looking good, down mostly to nitpicky changes -- probably time to create a branch patch, because more testing for what's there is more important than landing something with every single nit fixed
  • still need reviews on bugs bug 341407 and bug 344651 (latter blocked by former) that block bug 340677
  • waldo: looking at the history preference issue, now we have UI for spell checking in advanced > browsing, we're down to little things for polish, would like to get this on branch soon
  • beltzner: let's get this on branch sooner rather than later
  • ben: I'll get those blockers resolved ASAP

Software Update

  • major/minor update support (bug 329729) at risk
    • darin: really this need to get in to more urgently than 1.8.1
  • checking for compatibility updates before listing an extension as broken with the app update that's being advertised (bug 324121) at risk?
    • robstrong: I think it would be safer to wait for for this one, as well.


  • rstrong: the new page for DOMi is a quick and safe change, will complete that shortly, the only other things here are existing a11y related concerns
  • see also bug 345774

Any Other Business

  • what does a blocking flag mean?
  • what aren't we thinking of?


  • axel: what content are we going to have localized on
  • beltzner: we need you to set that meeting up with phil, pkim, steven and maybe reed? I don't think that's a good use of everyone's time as it seems to be directly related to the group that will be responsible for that domain/set of pages. But we'd love to hear the status of it!
  • beltzner: we also need to make sure we're all on the same page w.r.t the structure of localized URLs at that page.