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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 2 Status
    1. Schedule
    2. Long Poles
    3. New Areas of Concern
  2. Any Other Business

Bon Echo Beta 2

buglist: Firefox 2 Beta 2 blockers

  • if you want something in beta2, nominate the bug as blocking-firefox2? or blocking1.8.1? and set the target milestone as Firefox 2 beta2 or mozilla1.8.1beta2; drivers to triage the list daily from here to beta2 release (note: no target milestone means that it's not blocking that target)
  • if you own a blocker and either see no clear path to resolution or have no time to complete, please mark as [at risk]

Schedule Review (now updated)

  • August 8: code freeze
  • August 9-14: beta rcs, qa, l10n-qa, release notes
  • August 15: planned ship date

Long Poles

Visual Refresh

  • tracking bug is bug 328065
  • this is one week overdue because of unexpected problems with RTL, but like I said last week ...
  • "beltzner: patches starting to land today, will post to dev.apps.firefox when it's time to really test the edges of this to get appropriate shakeout"
  • once it gets on branch, we'll want several days of testing before we're comfortable with it

Tab Overflow

  • design discussion & patches in bug 343251
  • last week ben wanted to spend the time playing, nothing's been stated since then
  • seth: just some small polish issues left, most of them baking on trunk

Spell Check

  • master tracking in bug 341420 and bug 338999
  • brettw: one bug (bug 344560) that's causing a number of crashes, bryner and I now understand it, but have no idea how to fix it; need to talk to some people about DOM and layout and notifications to get an idea of how to fix
  • brettw: a "little scary" bug (bug 345112) about doing spell check asynchronously to avoid delay when loading pages with large textareas like Wikipedia.
    • schrep: we want to get this sooner rather than later, so let's get it in on trunk ASAP
  • pkasting: bug 339127 is baking on trunk, now there's a branch version, would allow web page authors control over turning on/off spell checking
  • there's also a hang bug in bug 345587 that might be related to spell check

Pref Panel

  • in on branch
  • now working on cleaning up the remaining nits (days of history has patch, phishing UI changes, moving Clear Private data setting from dialog to prefwindow [note: need to ask ben about current dialog], etc.)
    • schrep: what are the nits?
    • jwalden: some small layout changes, focus rects, blank in location field = about:blank, change to elipses in the Clear Now ...
    • schrep: sounds like stuff could get farmed out, do you have separate bugs?

Software Update

  • major/minor update support (bug 329729) still marked as blocking, should we move it?
  • sspitzer: understand how to do half the problem (how to differentiate and what to do when there's a minor & major update available) but still need decisions about nag and what to display to users
  • dbaron: there's an argument to be made that it would be better to get the testing of beta2 -> rc1 first before shipping
  • schrep: the work for should be done at the same time as 2.0
  • mconnor: but do we even want to light up the 2.0 update immediately for 1.5 users?
  • schrep: let's separate a policy decision from a code decision, and decide what's practical in the timeframe


  • patch available for the large fonts issue
  • need to poke bob lord about the encryption piece
  • l10n issues need to be worked out; mostly URLs need to be selected

JS 1.7

  • can't say a lot about schedule right now, there's some security issues that need to be looked at and I'll have a better answer for you shortly; they are the types of things we'd want to get in all releases

Any Other Business

Schedule Update

  • myk: what are the criteria for taking a bug at RC1 time?
    • schrep: our tolerance for risk drops to zero, and the only sorts of things we'd push to RC1 would be the sorts of things where we totally understand the impact and risk
  • estimate that we need 6 days to land and test the Visual Refresh bits
  • agreement to focus on the long poles, crank down on any major non-blocker changes, look towards code freeze of next week
  • dbaron: maybe we should look into topcrashes to ensure that they get out of beta2 to ensure better feedback
  • does beta2 == string freeze for l10n?
    • mconnor: yes, but that will not apply to help documentation
    • beltzner: would this include URL changes?
    • schrep: those need to be solved before beta2
    • axel: the URL scheme stuff is being controlled by phil
  • what aren't we thinking of?
    • rstrong: there are a couple of EM bugs that I haven't been paying attention to which will get marked as blocking? in the next couple of days
    • schrep: nominate, but we'll be taking lower and lower levels of risk