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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo RC 2
    1. Post Mortem
  2. Bon Echo RC 3
    1. Status & Schedule
  3. Release Plans / Dependencies
  4. Schedule Checkup
  5. Any Other Business

Bon Echo RC 2

  • shipped on Friday Oct 6th at 1:45pm PDT (ahead of schedule!) thanks to solid efforts by QA after a late code freeze and an even later respin
  • updates pushed live to beta channel shortly after download page went live, users with previous versions are being redirected to the download page
  • of course, we got Dugg to the FTP again, beltzner to blog about this
    • dveditz: also note that isn't a server farm, and people should be going through so it's properly mirrored (but there's a 8-12 hr delay)
    • dveditz: to address the "secretly releases", we shouldn't put candidates in the /releases/ directory
    • myk: another thing we've done is pushed the files with permissions that prevented people from downloading until after the files were properly mirrored
  • marcia: The MozillaZine forums dinged us for not publishing a changelog of the differences between RC 1 and RC 2. A lot of people are also telling us that they won't upgrade until their extensions work - something to think about for Firefox 3.

Bon Echo RC 3

  • as announced in dev.planning there will be an RC 3
    • code freeze to be Tuesday, Oct 10th at 11:59pm PDT
  • all Firefox 2 / Gecko 1.8.1 blockers
    • please make yourself available to work on these late breaking bugs
    • also, please watch MozillaZine, blogs, IRC, etc and look for bugs that you can test, get STR and help evaluate risk and escalate show stopping issues

RC 3 QA Testing Plans

  • usual smoketests, a BFT
  • we will pick up the l10n testing and extension testing where we left off for RC 2
  • will also do regression testing based on RC 2 -> RC 3 changes

RC 3 Release Mechanics

  • same as with RC 2 ...
    • minor updates to release notes will be made on and announcements will be made on devnews, mozilla.announce and dev.planning
    • as we near release day, all-rc.html will be updated to carry a message with ETA on RC3, and then will be updated to point to RC3 when it's ready
    • updates will be pushed via update mechanism to all alpha, beta & RC users

Release Plans / Dependencies

  • several popular extensions still need to have their maxVer updated in the compatibility info files so that users migrating from 1.5 don't get warned about incompatible extensions
  • pkim: we're building a bunch of "in product" pages (firstrun, whatsnew, central, and those pointed to by the default bookmarks in a new profile) for that will be localized into all 40 languages. The content is done, we're halfway there on the localization, and we're in the midst of building the pages themselves.

Any other business

Schedule Checkup

  • RC 3 Code Freeze: Tuesday, Oct 10th, 11:59pm
  • RC 3 Release Target: Tuesday, Oct 17th
  • All Project Dependencies: Tuesday, Oct 17th