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The version number of Shiretoko will be moved from Firefox 3.1 to Firefox 3.5 as per the proposed plan. We'll co-ordinate details here.

Please note: Each of these items are simply proposed right now and we might find other ways to make similar changes.

Project Outline

Tracked via bug 482246.

  • change the version number of Shiretoko from 3.1 to 3.5
  • announce a set change-over date, and have all affected systems change on that date
  • monitor for problems after the change
  • no change to the version number of Gecko (it will remain 1.9.1)
  • no change to the version number of previous alpha/beta releases

Roll-out Timeline

The following timeline based on Firefox 3.1b3 shipping the week of March 8.

(Missing from this list is MDC which has already completed their switchover.)


  • AUS
  • Messaging
    • create whatsnew (or similar) page describing changes

March 16

  • announce tree downtime (1.9.1-only) for March 17

March 17

  • build team
    • (morning) downtime; move tinderboxen from Firefox3.1 tree to Firefox 3.5 tree
    • change version number on 1.9.1 to 3.5b4pre
    • change version number on mozilla-central to 3.6a1pre
    • update nagios checks for builds
  • other system changes
    • mstange updates tinderboxpushlog
    • dolske updates istg
    • johnath's perf dashboard
  • amo
    • rename maxVer 3.1b4pre to 3.5b4pre
    • rename maxVer 3.2a1pre to 3.6a1pre
  • bugzilla
    • rename blocking-firefox3.1 flag to blocking-firefox3.5
    • rename target milestones
    • server-side (justdave): update all charts
  • wiki
    • update main queries listed on wiki (platform pages too)
    • move major Firefox3.1 wiki pages
  • crash-stats
    • everything listed below
  • graph server
    • update branch names on

April 6

  • support
    • rename all docs from 3.1 to 3.5

Affected Systems


(lead: bhearsum)

  • redirect Firefox3.1 -> Firefox3.5
    • requires at least five hours downtime (win32 Talos is the long pole)
    • need to up the version number on branch to 3.5b4pre
    • need to up the version number on trunk to 3.6a1pre
  • several systems pull data using the tree=Firefox3.1 URL
    • tinderboxpushlog, isthetreegreen, johnath's perf dashboard, ??
  • update nagios checks for nightlies (branch and trunk)


(lead: ss, working with justdave/reed)

  • rename blocking-firefox3.1 to blocking-firefox3.5 (bug 482247)
  • rename wanted-firefox3.1 to wanted-firefox3.5
  • rename blocking-firefox3.2 to blocking-firefox3.6
  • rename wanted-firefox3.2 to wanted-firefox3.6
  • rename target milestones (beta 4 and later) (bug 482247)
  • update queries
    • list any here
  • update charts (server side?) (bug 482249)
    • Driving/Firefox 3.1/Blockers
    • Driving/Firefox 3.1/Blocker Nominations
    • Driving/Firefox 3.1/Fixed blocking-firefox3.1+ bugs in last 24 hours
    • Driving/Firefox 3.1/New blocking-firefox3.1+ bugs in last 24 hours


(lead: morgamic)

  • For nightlies, update config-mapping between versions and snippet directories - bug 481478

mozilla add-ons

(lead: osunick)

  • change available maxVer and minVer targets
  • automatically migrate 3.1 maxVers to 3.5?
  • update compat dashboard


(lead: ss, aking)

  • add 3.5b4pre version number
  • add mtbf report for 3.5b4pre
  • add byurl report for 3.5b4pre
  • symbols need no changes


(lead: sheppy)

  • move 3.1 docs to 3.5
  • setup any needed redirects
  • template changes as needed
  • version strings all over the site need to be fixed


(lead: djst) Meta bug: bug 481465

  • move 3.1 docs to 3.5
  • make sure 3.1 is sniffed as 3.5
  • fix software references
    • "Show contents customized for"
    • KB article categories


(lead: ss)

graph server

(lead: rdoherty)

  • some version numbers say "Firefox 3.1" which need to be updated


  • don't need to aggregate 3.1/3.5 numbers

(lead: jslater)