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Firefox Product Delivery Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #shiretoko for backchannel

NOTE: See Platform#Meeting_Notes for development meeting notes

Firefox 2.0.0.x / 3.0.x

  • Firefox 3.0.6
    • Shipped yesterday evening
    • Firefox 3.0.6 RRRT page
    • RRRT report: The RRRT Team (thanks Rey!) got a report about Problems/Timeouts during the Updates to Firefox 3.0.6. After investigation also other people have seen this Problem. RRRT has informed Release - Drivers and Sam has throttled Updates bug 476875 - Tomcat
    • Tracking any other issues and ensuring this one is fixed
  • Firefox 3.0.7
    • Mostly code froze last night
    • Might take two or three more bugs
    • In QA testing now
    • Aiming for release in early March

Firefox 3.1 Development

Development Update

  • full platform meeting notes available from yesterday
  • down to <10 outstanding blocker nominations, will keep this list triaged daily
  • down to 155 blockers without fixes for final ship, with an average find-fix rate of 20 blockers/week
  • will be revving a bunch of UUIDs which may affect 3rd party plugins that have compiled binary components (virus scanners, CoolIris, that sort of thing)

Daily users (weekly average across versions)

  • 3.1b2 - 350k daily users
  • Shiretoko - 10k daily users
  • Minefield - 6k daily users

Beta 3

  • JS team making strong progress, one of the bigger issues looks to be resolved today (upon which many of the other issues are dependent)
  • no further estimate at this time
  • Firefox 3.1 Beta3 RRRT page is ready to go


  • Last week's Yahoo toolbar/login issue may be a false alarm (may just be Yahoo cookies and coincidence that they all had the toolbar). Sorry guys.
  • No new Firefox issues last week.
  • The issue with update is causing people to get error messages, will keep RRRT appraised. Quick search gave 5 new threads (some with multiple people) in the past 24 hours.


  • Waiting for ... guess what
  • Fennec l10n waiting for tinderbox problems on arm-linux, bug 475961


  • Fx3.0.6
    • Fx3.0.6 shipped to world yesterday. First release of 2009!
    • RRRT reporting Fx3.0.6 partial updates were timing out. bug 476875 filed to throttle AUS at 50%
  • Fx3.1
    • Beta 3 testplan
      • Adding Windows 7 smoketests
      • Posted financial websites page on the intranet. Please sign up and assist with these sites.
    • Firefox 3.1 Feature testing progress:
      • Testplans (93% completed)
      • Testcases (85% completed)
    • 51 1.9.1 bugs verified last week

Release Engineering

  • no news - waiting for "go".


  • Current status: 76.5% compatible with 3.1 which jumps to nearly 81% once Firebug is compatible.
  • Emails going out today or tomorrow; delayed by Bugzilla issues which IT had to deal with.
  • Current compatibility dashboard still counts 2.0 only extensions. Revised dashboard will ship 2/19.
  • Rey is going to start contacting developers that use binary components regarding the Gecko 1.9.1 update.



  • Got Rey to post / discuss an IID change - might impact add-ons compat late in the game. Ask beltzner, he's on the mail thread.
  • The Firefox 3.1 for developers page will be getting a substantial reorganization and cleanup this week.


  • Hand-off of designs to SilverOrange has started, should be completed by the end of the week. Goal is still to start l10n and QA by 2/15.
  • Refresh of Fx3 video ongoing with TRO
  • Outreach for more beta testers started
  • Updating 3.1 PR plan


  • Review initial draft/sections of reviewer's guide
  • Confirm Feb 27th to record what's new video
  • Timeline for Beta 3 so we can begin press outreach


  • justin agreed to follow up with morgamic to ensure that we could throttle Major Update snippets on a per version / channel basis (to allow users to "Check for Updates..." to Firefox 3.1 on launch day, but not have the offer given to users who do not explicitly check)