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Current Activity

Detection and Reporting:

  • Mark UI performance bugs with [TSnap] in the whiteboard (current list)
  • Mark startup performance bugs with [TStartup] in the whiteboard ([current list])
  • Implement about:me reporting (bug 480154)
  • Places statistics collection (site, blog post)
  • Create extension for reporting beachballing, script hangs


  • Run Ts and Tp against constructed profiles (bug 489183)
  • Test framework for measuring and tracking performance of user interface actions (bug fileme)

Hotspot Fixes

  • New tab
  • History menu (bug 488966)
  • History sidebar - last visited (bug 417262)
  • History sidebar - most visited
  • History "older than 6 mos"
  • History search
  • Bookmarks search
  • Bookmarks backup
  • Bookmarks restore


Meeting Notes

Dec 2, 2008

Action Items

item owner bugs status
find spectator owner, ask about status, and MoCo rollout dietrich ken kovash says they have a Q4 goal for a web front-end to view this data, so news in the next couple of weeks.
design basic high-stress profiles ddahl bug 480340, bug 489183 ddahl created scripts for generating places dbs
re-enable daily shark builds build bug 448727 Not happening in 2008 (see bug)
file bug for removing extension manager code for migrating old profiles mossop bug 470379 Complete
fix dtrace js probes on trunk sayrer bug 468041, bug 469757
get a startup timeline cbartley bug 467953 talk to mobile & Taras work they've done on it