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Camera app uses camera hardware to capture image. It can use both back-facing camera and front-facing camera.

How to use

Camera screen

From the screenshot, we can see the following features:

  • 1. Open settings. We'll examine this further below.
  • 2. Flash settings. We have 3 options: No flash at all, use flash automatically (if target picture is dark), always use flash.
  • 3. Switch between front-facing and back-facing camera.
  • 4. Switch between take a picture or record video.
  • 5. Take an actual picture (or video, if you switch option 4).
  • 6. View all pictures that is already taken.
  • 7. Focus area. You can move focus area anywhere. It will have 3 color attached to. White (like in the screenshot) is normal focus. Red indicate that currently, camera don't have correct focus. Green indicate that it has focus. Green is shown only when you move focus from default location (in the center of screen). Note: Not all phone have auto focus. In that case, color indicator will not be accurate.

Available Options

Setting screen

Currently, Camera app has the following options:

  • HDR or High Dynamic Range.
  • Self Timer setting. Perfect for use with selfie-stick.
  • Camera resolution. From low res to highest resolution possible on that particular device.
  • Video resolution. Same as Camera resolution, but for when taking video.
  • Grid lines. Show/hide grid lines.