Firefox OS/DeviceQA/2015-01-14Notes

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V2.2 Next Milestone

V2.2 Testing

  • Automation - checking with bebe if they are running on dsds or just single sim only, or both.
  • Manual - Running 42-case set, will check if we will start running the full set from tomorrow.
  • Exploratory
    • Tester: MGSEI
    • Scope of exploratory test, current NO-test list
      • Firefox Hello (Loop), RTL, Translation problem (L10N), Apps from Marketplace, Layout or functionality of Marketplace, Do not toggle anything from Developer menu, Test apps, Firefox Accounts, Find My Device..

V2.2 Testing no started yet

  • MTBF Paul Yang, Eric Chang
    • Details Trial run in these 2 weeks
  • Performance
    • Will check with Geo.

About Moztrap & V2.2

  • Prepare a "V2.2 New Feature" suite for Device Team, easier for them to perform all type of testing.
    • New test cases with "V2.2" tag.
    • New test cases in their proper suites (E.G. Contacts cases in its suites -> Comms, RAT ... etc)
    • Also included in "V2.2 New Feature" suite.
      • New cases for new features will be included.
      • Regression for refactoring bugs will be included.

Chinese New Year plan

  • Smoke?
  • Automation?
    • We need help from USA.

Q1 Goal


  • Teri
    • Working on prod c/p - test run + bugs
    • bt - milestone postponed until 1/23
    • 256mb bug, checking with rd about testing
  • Edward
    • Working on ci/automation - done \o/
  • Cynthia
    • Working on reporting gaia ui test
    • Will help with tv test case creation
  • Alison
    • Working on NFC - change to privileged type, se api almost ready, waiting for error code definition
    • Working on SD/MTP (TCL bug) - regression
  • Hermes
    • Working on L porting - waiting for build ready
    • Working on task manager test case 99%, almost ready
  • Shing
    • Working on moztrap, currently 1 PR.
    • Scope is not clear.
  • Eric
    • Working on 2.2+ RIL, Comms bugs.
    • Working on MGSEI bugs.