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The FxOS Metrics project enables making data driven decisions for the following:

  • Understanding how FxOS is doing in the market versus product/business goals
  • Gaining insights from quantitative and qualitative data, to enable improve the product/business goals
  • Understanding usage models, to improve future product development and opportunities
  • Determining effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


Customer lifecycle Metrics to be collected Dashboard
Acquiring Customers
  • Partners/Channels though which devices are sold
Dashboard: Choose Operator/OEM/Country combination of channel

Activation of Devices

  • Total number of Activated devices
Dashboard: Choose 'All' in SW/Operator/OEM/ to get a count

Retention Of Customers

  • MAU (Monthly Active Users)
  • Apps usage per month
In Progress
  • Number of searches done
  • Paid App Downloads
In Progress
  • Recommendations from Users


FxOS Release Metrics to be collected Bugs

Engg: 986701,997960 Legal: 980920 Privacy: 992487

  • Client: 982663
  • Legal: 1021259, 1109429
3.0 & Future

User Stories

Virtual Team

  • Device Engg: Marshall Culpepper, Tamara Hills, Hema Koka, Gregor
  • Device QA: Shing Lyu
  • Server Metrics: Dave Zeber, John Jensen
  • Engg Program Mgmt: Michael Treese
  • Planning: Dominik Strohmeier
  • Product Mgmt: Ravi Dandu
  • Marketplace Product Mgmt: David Bialer
  • Marketplace Program Mgmt: tbd
  • Marketplace Engg: Andy McKay, Rob Hudson