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Discussion Topics

  • 2.2 Features.
    • Difficulties?
  • Task Forces
    • To improve threading mechanism of firefox OS (Quadcore/8core). Leader: Thinker.
    • To improve test framework for firefox OS. Leader: Hsinyi.
    • To support the webapi for what Gaia dev request. Leader: Tim.
  • Actions of last week's meeting.
    • To have a firefox OS technical wiki - Jeremy.
    • To have a presentation of bugzilla on 2/12 - Tim.
    • To have someone's help of teams for team building. (All EMs)
  • Works on V3.
    • To have EMs to lead some topics, according to their own will? (Vincent, Steven, Peter, and Tim)
    • To encourage eng to join the development of V3 features, according to their own will.
    • To have specialists on V3 features.
  • Trip to MTV.(3/9 or 3/23)
    • To Discuss how to work on V3.
    • To know what we need to do on V3.
  • Others
    • 2015Q1 Team building. (3/27).