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Firefox OS Launch Camp Latin America 2013
Cartagena, Colombia - May 2013


Activating and leveraging our overall community – from users to volunteer leaders – is critical to amplifying our efforts and creating user demand and excitement for Firefox OS. Dedicated working time and training (inclusive of the Engagement Team and our partners) for regional teams is crucial to ensure our efforts and resources in target markets are optimized for launch.

FxOS Camp will empower these regional launch teams and partners with the essential tools and co-working opportunities needed to actualize our launch goals by country. It will also serve to further ingratiate all attendees with the FxOS product and our overall mission and values as an organization.

In addition, the Camp will serve as a platform to celebrate and acknowledge all of the hard work being done by these individuals. At the end of the day, it will be their efforts that determine the success of Firefox OS around the world.

Firefox OS Engagement Camp Participants

  • Staff: Select members of Mozilla staff
  • Mozillians: Launch Teams from Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Poland
  • Partners: OEM, OB, and press partner representatives

Aside from Mozilla staff, all invited attendees will either be a partner, a member of a launch team, or be a Mozilla Rep considered vital to our launch efforts. Prior to being extended an invitation, Mozillians will have been identified as filling one of the launch team roles.

More information about the Firefox OS Launch Camp Latin America can be found here

Need to Know

For all of the information that attendees need to know about Firefox OS Launch Camp Latin America (and Cartagena), please see here


You can find the tentative schedule here.

Presenter Support

If you are a presenter at the FxOS Camp, please find your next steps, resources, and presentation deadlines here


Communications Channels

Social Media

  • Official Firefox OS Camp hashtag: #fxoscamp
  • IRC: #fxoscamp
  • Flickr: If you make picture and upload them on flickr, you can add them to the mozilla community flickr group, don't forget to also tag them with #fxoscamp.


  • Venue
    • Network:
    • Password:
  • Hotel
    • Network:
    • Password:


  • Questions about travel booking and hotel reservations, please contact our vendor at: firefox[at]seecolombia[dot]travel
  • Logistical inquiries: fxoscamp[at]mozilla[dot]com
  • General inquiries: knaszradi [at] mozilla [dot] com
  • Questions about how to get involved: rainbow-unicorns [at] mozilla [dot] com

Phone Numbers

The full-time cell phone for FxOS Camp will be:

Prior to the Camp, SeeColombia (our vendor) can also be reached at one of the following numbers:

  • US/Canada Toll Free 1-800-553-8701
  • UK Line 44 (0) 207 – 101- 9467
  • International Line 1 – (954)-874-6102

In case of emergency, please use these numbers:

  • National Police: 112
  • Administrative Security Department DAS: 153
  • Fire:
  • Emergency Ambulance:
  • Colombian Red Cross: Log on to and check the office number of the corresponding department.