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Session Title

Launching a Business Development Community Portal (aka my blog)

Session Leader

Mic Berman


Business Development (BD) is not a very well communicated or appreciated program at Mozilla so what I'd like to do is shed some light on what we're doing and conduct a brainstorming session to help build a community development portal that may look like my blog at first to support our BD initiatives.


* So what the heck are we doing in Business Development anyway

  • Overview of the goals and some of the projects underway
  • Review of some BD (hopefully) useful links
  • Developing a BD community portal - where should we start?, who should we target? what should it cover?, what have we missed?

Interested Attendees

Please add your name here if you're likely to attend this session, this will help prioritize sessions and minimize conflicts

Mic's plea: It'd be great if some folks from marketing could attend and Asa and some of his team and of course anyone who has a serious itching to find out what we do

  • Mic Berman
  • Asa Dotzler
  • Paul Kim
  • David Rolnitzky
  • Gen Kanai
  • Ian Hayward
  • Axel Hecht
  • shaver
  • Steven Garrity (if schedule allows)
  • Mike Kaply
  • Pascal Chevrel