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Proposals are now closed, please come back Tuesday for the finalized schedule. Draft schedule at FirefoxSummit/2006/Schedule.

Proposed Sessions

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Crypto related testing issues with Bob Lord and Co

Community Resource Stats Dashboard

First-Class Web Applications On The Desktop

Crypto in Clients: Trends, Plans, Demos

Searching for an Improved Search Experience

Firefox development on OpenSolaris

Developing l10n-friendly: New features and old problems?

Top 10 Most Needed Firefox Developer Documents

Business Development

Mozilla Web Site Integration

Firefox Q4 Marketing

Spread Firefox - Can we evolve advocate action into user-help-user contribution?

Test Tool Demos: Tp and Eggplant

AMO Futures

Tamarin Documentation

Whither Help Documentation? Discussion of Firefox Help Problems and Possible Solutions

State of IT and future directions

The Mozilla Foundation, now and in the future

MathML in HTML5 (@WHATWG and @W3C)

Fixing Frame Construction

Sustainable Accessibility Ecosystem

Confirmed Sessions

Building the Mozilla Community

Mozilla Labs


Fuzz-testing Gecko

Mozilla 2

Microformat Detection


Version Control Shootout Extravaganza

Community Program

Optimizing Release Testing

Explorable User Interface: Exposing Firefox's Hidden Features

Text And Typography

Firefox and the Linux Desktop

Future of the Web Brainstorming

Firefox 3 Planning Discussion

Automated Testing: unit tests, test frameworks and test tools

Firefox 2 Postmortem

Community Testing and Litmus

Offline Web Applications