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Firefox Friends

Welcome to the Firefox Friends - our Word of Mouth Marketing program.
Our wiki is currently under construction. New information is being updated weekly. Thank you for your patience!

What is Firefox Friends?

Firefox Friends is an exciting new social sharing program that offers a fresher, better way to show your support for Firefox and all things Mozilla.

With Firefox Friends, our Firefox Supporters are at the forefront of our mission, sharing our latest news and announcements with the world.

Our goal is to amplify Mozilla's marketing efforts by arming its broad community with the tools to become Firefox Friends.

Not a Firefox Friend yet!? No worries, sign up here!

Sign up Page:
Program Site:

Why should you join Firefox Friends?

  • Amplify Mozilla’s products & mission
  • Make an impact against organizational goals
  • Personal dashboard lets members track their impact
  • Ability to submit content & be heard
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Be the first to get news or other information
  • Get rewarded & recognized
  • It’s fun & engaging
  • Be part of a like-minded community
  • User-friendly platform simplifies mass sharing across social networks

Firefox Friends Stakeholders

Jessica Osorio, Word of Mouth Marketing Manager
Chelsea Novak, Head of Community Generated Marketing
Mary Colvig, Director of Community Engagement

Firefox Friends Localization

Firefox Friends is currently available in five locales: English (EN-US), Spanish (ES), Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), German (DE), French (FR)


Most of the content featured on Firefox Friends comes from Mozilla's Community Marketing Team. The content for each month is completed around two weeks prior to the month it's slated to go live. For example, November content is completed in EN by mid October. Once this content is ready in EN, it's transferred to the respective sheets within the global content calendar what is used to develop content for the Firefox Friends channel. Then, the wonderful localizers for Firefox Friends are alerted via email, linked to their respective locale's sheets, and asked to complete translations before the start of the next month (usually around one to two weeks lead time).

The Firefox Friends Localization Team

Alba González Fuentes
Role: Global Content & Localization Wrangler

Jaime Grau Ferris
Role: Spanish Localizer and Content Admin
Daniel Añez Scott
Role: Spanish Localizer
Pablo Laurino
Role: Spanish Localizer

Brazilian Portuguese:
Adriano Cupello
Role: Brazilian Portuguese Localizer
Luigui Delyer
Role: Brazilian Portuguese Localizer

Michael Kohler
Role: German Localization Lead Wrangler
Vincent Fassbender
Role: German Localizer
Michael Köhler
Role: German Localizer

Théo Chevalier
Role: French Localization Lead Wrangler
Alizée Aubertin
Role: French Localizer
Jean-Bernard Marcon
Role: French Localizer
Julien Gattelier
Role: French Localizer

If you're interested in contributing to Firefox Friends on the Localization team, please contact Jessica Osorio at

Firefox Friends Contributors

Arturo Martinez
Role: Global User-Generated Content Manager

Available Positions

Role: Reporting Analyst
Description: Pull program performance data, analyze data, find opportunities and threats.
Ideal Experience: Google Analytics (beginner or higher level), Google Sheets, Excel, Word of Mouth Marketing insights.

Role: Rewards Manager
Description: Pull campaign-based and quarterly winners, help wrangle contact/shipping information and help to complete prize fulfillment.
Ideal Experience: Google Forms, Google Sheets, Excel.

If you're interested in contributing, please contact Jessica Osorio at

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