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Project overview & Objective

The Ignite initiative will focus on building a unified product experience and developer platform that exemplifies our values and the best of the Web. We will build the ultimate phone experience for the hundreds of millions of people who love Firefox, who care about having a secure, trusted, independent alternative that is hackable, customizable and powerful as an open platform for innovation.

Like we did with Firefox on the desktop, we will build this core product experience ensuring that it is clean, modern and easy to use, and yet powerful through its extensibility, clever design and features that put users in control of their experience. We will enable the mobile equivalent of “View Source”, revamp our security model to expose more of the new mobile Web APIs to developers and enable an extension mechanism to add to the user interface and phone capabilities.

This will be the phone that you want to use, and will use every day. We will activate our full community to participate in building this mobile experience, and use it as the basis for delivering the next generation of Firefox OS devices to the world, from the first time smartphone buyer to the technically sophisticated early adopter over time.

Ignite core to address specific market opportunities (e.g. entry-level smartphones, smart TVs, etc.) that we will then distribute through our partners.

Program Scope:

  1. unlocking potential that exists - not just a developer phone!
  2. Initial rollout to Mozillians
  3. Include newfoxfooding aka dogfooding program

Alopex project

Alopex is a project the covers the overall design of Ignite. See the wiki here: Firefox_OS/Alopex

Project Information & Documentation

  1. Irc: #lightsaber
  2. mailing list:
  3. Replacement Gaia apps:
  4. Theming app:
  5. Customizer app:
  6. Sharing app:
  7. Gecko repo:
  8. Gaia branch: (unstable? is anyone using it?)
  9. Rough mockups:


  • UX: Jacqueline Savory, Amy Lee
  • Gaia: Kevin Grandon, Mike Henretty, Etienne Segonzac, Doug Sherk, Justin D’Arcangelo, David Flanagan
  • Platform/Gonk: Fabrice Desré, Mike Wu, Alexandre Lissy
  • Dev Tools: Alex Poirot, Ryan Stinnett
  • QA: Naoki Hirata, Marcia Knous
  • Pgm Manager:(Ignite) Candice Serran
  • Pgm Manager:(Foxfooding) Jean Gong