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FPS Measurement and CI Roadmap

  • Goal: Daily high-speed camera measurement of FPS in critical areas all actively developed branches with comparisons against "waterline" numbers, with notifications of improvements and regressions.
    • Method: Eideticker - high speed camera measurement
    • Frequency: Daily
    • Targets
      • Nightly builds of all branches that have active development
      • Various app screens and continuous actions in or between screens
      • Production/reference devices
    • Comparisons: Must be able to set "waterlines" to compare results against. Examples are: previous release, chipset vendor reference numbers, target numbers from Mozilla UX performance guidelines.


  • FxOS Perf Team
  • Automation Team
  • Release Engineering (?)


  • Enumerate all test scenarios and workloads (eg, Homescreen, scrolling Gallery, scrolling/panning web content, etc) which need to be measured
  • Which device(s) to measure
  • Need other teams to correct & update the roadmap items below


High-speed camera measurement of FPS on device(s)
Automation of measurement
Automated builds to be measured
Automatedly test nightly builds
Report results to Datazilla
Per-test multiple waterline support
Notifications of improvement/regression over x%