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Memory Consumption


Measures memory consumption in several test scenarios to detect abnormal memory usage patterns.

  • Lead: Wander Lairson Costa

Memory usage parameters

Parameter Description
VSS Virtual set size
RSS Resident set size
USS Unique set size
PSS Proportional set size

Test cases

Startup Memory Consumption

Measures memory consumption of the application and b2g process after moz-app-loaded event.

Launch each of the following apps:

  • Browser
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • Dialer
  • Email
  • FM Radio
  • Gallery
  • Marketplace
  • Music
  • Settings
  • SMS
  • Template
  • Usage
  • Video

For each app, report the the memory usage after the moz-app-loaded event, for both the app and b2g process. Below you can see a flowchart of the test case:

Flowchart of the startup memory test

Common Setup

  1. Set up workload
  2. Restart B2G process
  3. Invoke launch programmatically
  4. Inject the Performance Helper
  5. App instrumentation throws timeline events at appropriate times
  6. Performance helper observes events
  7. After moz-app-loaded event grab memory usage parameters for the app and b2g process


  • Result is the memory usage summary for app and b2g process.

Homescreen memory performance


Identify apps memory leaks