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Power Consumption


Measures average power consumption over a fixed amount of time while the device is in various states.


Test Cases

Put the phone into the following states:

  • Idle, Screen On
  • Idle, Screen Off
  • Camera Preview

For each state, report the average power consumed over a fixed time (typically 30 seconds):


1/10 mA

How to Run On-Demand

Set up gaiatest on your machine.

gaiatest --address=localhost:2828 --type=b2g --restart --timeout=30000 --testvars=/my/path/to/test_vars.json /my/path/to/power-tests/

Published Results

FxOS 2.0

Not available yet

FxOS 2.1

Not available yet




Common Setup

  1. TBD

All Cases

  1. Invoke gaiatest programmatically (see command line above)


  • Result is average power consumed for each test (mA)

Project Roadmap

  • Lead: Jon Hylands
  • Tracking Bug: TBD
Milestone 1: Design
Test Design Validity Review
All Cases Bug Bug
Milestone 2: Test Milestone 3: Publication
Availability Instrumentation Workload On-Demand Test Results Review Published Results Documentation
Idle, Screen Off TBD bug 997167 Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug
Idle, Screen On TBD bug 997167 Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug
Camera Preview TBD bug 1031537 N/A Bug Bug Bug Bug