Firefox OS/v3 ideation

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Join us as we brainstorm potential new features for Firefox OS!

  1. Understand the V3 Ideation & Selection Process
  2. Participate in the discussions
    1. Join us in Slack, a file-sharing / discussion tool where our creative teams collaborate on new ideas
    2. Contact a facilitator you know to get access to Slack
    3. Connect to Slack in IRC
    4. Ask a question in IRC: #b2g, #gaia (c8o, jachen, swilkes can help you out!)
    5. Need to know how to get into our IRC channels?
  3. Lightning Talks are 15 minutes sessions where people present a new idea or brainstorm they've been working on
    1. Attend Current Lightning Talks or View Past Lightning Talks
  4. Sign-Up to Present an Idea at Lightning Talks
    1. Prepare for your presentation
    2. Get a Template for your Lightning Talk presentation

Project Planning & Communication

  1. Summary Project Plan (executive view)