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Brussels - 23-24 February, 2008




If you will be attending FOSDEM 2008 and are part of the Mozilla community, please leave your details here.


If you want to seek for a financial support for travel/hotel expenses you need to contact either

  • Anne-Julie Ligneau (
  • Brian King (

depending on who you feel more related to. Anne-Julie is coordinating support for local community members, Brian is helping developers interested in the Mozilla platform. If you're not sure who to choose, just mail Anne-Julie and ask.

Beside of emailing, mark the "Request sponsorship" column as Y, so we can make sure that you'll not slip through our hands.

NOTE: Please, remember, that we have a limited budget and we may not be able to pay for everyone interested, but we'll try!

Ideas and Proposals

Please visit the Extensions Workshop page if you are interested in getting your extensions updated for Firefox 3 at FOSDEM.

Further discussion about the event will take place on the Mozdev EU mailing list, so feel free to join if you have not already done so. If you want to give a talk, or have some ideas for sessions, that is also the place to post to about it.


Put yourself in an appropriate section below. Please also use the template provided, as it will make it much easier for us to work with the data. Thanks!

The following details will prove helpful for organisation, but please leave any other information you feel is relevant.

  • T-shirt size
  • Travel dates & departing city
  • Intention to attend dinner on evening of 23rd


"I will be attending. Full stop."

# Name Nick and email Area of interest T-Shirt size Travel dates Departing Request sponsorship Travel cost (in Euro) Hotel (Y/N, nights) Saturday Dinner (Y/N) More info
1 Brian King kinger <> Mozdev, XULRunner, Extensions, l10n L 22-25 Zagreb Y EUR 192.39 Y, Fr/Sa/Su (3) Y Sessions Co-ordinator
2 Robert Kaiser KaiRo SeaMonkey L 22/23-24 Wien Y talk "And the beast shall come forth... - Community Project Organization & SeaMonkey 2"
3 Pascal Chevrel Pascalc Mozilla Europe L 22/23-24 Paris N Y
4 Martin Creutziger MMx mmx_moz[at] L10n, Mobile M 22-24 Karlsruhe (DE) Y N/A Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y Sponsorship: only hotel
5 Karsten Düsterloh Mnyromyr <> SeaMonkey, Mnenhy XL 22-24 Sprockhövel (Germany) Y N/A Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
6 Cédric Menge chewey SeaMonkey, Adblock Plus XL 22-24 Karlsruhe (Germany) Y N/A Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
7 Gervase Markham Gerv <> MoFo employee M 22-24 London Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
8 Stanisław Małolepszy staś Statistics in MoEu; M 22-24 Warsaw Y 200 EUR Y, Fr,Sa (2) Y A talk about Community Surveys Programme
9 Cédric Corazza Cedric Frenchmozilla XL 22-25 Nice Y EUR 105 Fr,Sa,Su (3) Y
10 Frédéric Chateaux Frederic Frenchmozilla XXL 22-24/25 Paris (France) Y N/A Fr,Sa (2) Y
11 Benoit Leseul Benoit Frenchmozilla S (or M) Brussels Y
12 Mark Finkle mfinkle Mozilla XL 22-24 Washington DC Y
13 Flore Allemandou Flore Frenchmozilla M 22-24 Lyon Y 200 N Y Sponsorship: only travel
14 Sébastien Desvignes Bobo Frenchmozilla L 22-24 Lyon Y 200 N Y Sponsorship: only travel
15 Zbigniew Braniecki gandalf Mozilla Europe, M 22-24 Warsaw (PL) Y, Fri/Sun Y
16 Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher <toniher at>, Mozilla Europe L 22-24 Barcelona (Catalonia) Y EUR 177 Y, Fri & Sat (2) Y
17 Simon Paquet sipaq Calendar Project (Lightning/Sunbird) L 22/23-24 Frankfurt (Germany) Y EUR 195 Y, Fri/Sat (2 nights) Y Probably talk about Calendar project status & future plans
18 Martin Schröder mschroeder Calendar Project (Lightning/Sunbird) M 22-24 Würzburg (Germany) Y EUR 109 Y, Fri/Sat (2) Y Talk about Calendar project QA activities
19 David Marteau daim XulFr M 23-24 Paris (France) Y
20 Kai Engert kaie Security, NSS, Mail L 22-25 Frankfurt Y
21 Ricardo Palomares RickieES (rpmdisguise-otros at Localization (and a SeaMonkey fan!) L 22-25 Madrid, Spain N (Paying for myself) (Paying for myself) Y
22 Philipp Kewisch Fallen ( mozilla at kewis ch ) Calendar Project (Lightning/Sunbird) S 22-24 Hamburg / Germany Y EUR 200 2 (Fri-Sun) Y Hotel arrangements: Room /w Full size bed together with attendee nr 51
23 Abdulkadir Topal topal L10n-de M 22-24 Duisburg (Germany) Y Y, Fri & Sat (2) Y Sponsorship: only hotel
24 Sander van Lambalgen Sander SeaMonkey L 22-24 The Hague (Netherlands) Y
25 Christian Biesinger biesi Gecko L 23-24 Zurich (Switzerland) Y
26 Tomer Cohen tomer Mozilla Israel L 21-24 Tel-Aviv, Israel Y 503.41 USD Y
27 Rubén Martín Nukeador (nukeador at Mozilla Hispano, Proyecto NAVE (es-ES) M 22-25 Valladolid (Spain) Y EUR 99 Y, Fr,Sa,Su (3) Y
28 David Tenser djst SUMO / l10n S 21-25 Bromma (Stockholm/Sweden) Y EUR 216 (flight only) Y (4) Y A talk about the SUMO project.
29 Eduard Gamonal Capdevila e_gamonal, Mozilla Europe L 22-24 Barcelona (Catalonia) Y EUR 177 Y, Fri & Sat (2) Y
30 Amédée Souquet souqueta XULRunner, Firefox 3, Mozpad L 22/23-24 Amsterdam Y
31 Sébastien Deleuze Bouiaw L 22-24 Lyon N Y
32 Joaquim Perez Noguer noguer, Mozilla Europe L 22-24 Barcelona (Catalonia) Y EUR 177 Y, Fri & Sat (2) Y
33 Patrick Brunschwig glime Enigmail S 22-24 Zurich (Switzerland) N - N Y
34 Guillermo López willyaranda (willyaranda % Mozilla Hispano, Proyecto NAVE (es-ES) L 22-25 Madrid (Spain) Y 132.37 Fr, Sa, Su (3) Y
35 Seth Bindernagel sethb Community Survey Program, l10n tools M Probably 21-25 California (US) N Y
36 Adrian Kalla adrianer <adrian.kalla [at] gmail [dot] com> L10n-pl L 22-25 Würzburg/Frankfurt (DE) Y N/A Y, Fri & Sat (2) Y Sponsorship: only hotel
37 Isriya Paireepairit markpeak L10n-th L 22-25 Sheffield (UK) Y Y
38 Andreas Otte venn necko XL 22-24 Oerlinghausen (Germany) N Y
39 Philippe Dessante filip Frenchmozilla XL 22-24 Paris (France) Y 90 Fr, Sa(2) Y
40 Florian Traverse temsa spidermonkey/rhino/tamarin Archetype[1] L 22-24 Lyon (France) N Y Archetype project leader
41 Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfiR <wolfgang _at_> XL 22-24 Nuremberg Y 255,90 Fr/Sa (already booked) Y
42 Chris Hofmann chofmann security, extensions, l10n, mobile 2XL 21-25 Mt. View, CA Y
43 Israel Saeta dukebody at gmail dot com Mozilla Hispano, Proyecto NAVE (es-ES) L 22-24/25 Madrid Y 152.37 Fr, Sa, Su (3) Y
44 Thomas Bassetto Thomas tbassettoONgmail M 22-24 Rouen (FR) Y  ?? I come with Tristan Nitot by car Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y 24 February = my birthday :)
45 Tristan Nitot nitot @ mozilla - europe . org Mozilla in Europe XXL 22-24 Paris N Y
46 Henrik Skupin whimboo mozilla[at] QA, Mozilla Europe L 22-24 Karlsruhe (DE) Y N/A (only parking fees) Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
47 Thomas B. Ruecker dm8tbr/moo l10n, mobile L 22-24 Poznań (PL) Y ~100€ Y, Fr, Sa (2) Y openPMA finally needs a Mozilla browser! ;-)
48 Hubert Gajewski hubert; hgajewski at aviary dot pl M 22-25 Kraków (PL) Y 215 Y, Fr, Sa, Su (3) Y
48 Dan Mosedale dmose; Thunderbird, Calendar, Firefox, ... L 22-24 San Francisco, CA, US N Y Fr, Sa, Sun (3) Y Talk: Thunderbird
49 Fernando García Gómez stripTM (fer at Proyecto NAVE (es-ES), Mozilla Europe, Mozilla Hispano XL 22-24/25 Madrid (Spain) Y 152,37€ Y Fr, Sa, Su (3) Y
50 Carsten Book Tomcat; Mozilla QA Team, Extension (Performance/Leak/Compatibility), QA Community, XXL 22-24 Munich N Y Co-leading Extension Workshop
51 Katharina Preißer katharina.preisser at gmail com Mozilla Calendar Project XS 22-24 Hamburg Y EUR 200 2 (Fri-Sun) Y Special hotel arrangements, see attendee nr 22.
52 Nick Thomas nthomas; Mozilla Build & Release M 22-24 Oxford N N/A Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
53 Erik van Kempen Electronical; erikvankempen [at] Add-on development XXL 23-24 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) Y EUR 50 Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
54 Michal Berman mic Community Survey, l10n, Sumo, TB M 22-25 Ontario (Canada) N Y
55 Chris Beard cbeard Everything L 22-23 24 N Y
56 Marc Ordinas i Llopis marcoil Extensions, XULRuner, JavaScript L 22-25 Mallorca N Y
57 Stephen Lau stevel; Songbird, XULRunner, Extensions, Everything really M 22-25 San Francisco N Paying for myself Y (22-25) Y
58 Marek Stępień marcoos; marcoos at Polish Firefox l10n, some evangelism XXL 22-25 Kraków, Poland Y ca. €280 Y, 3 (Fri/Sat, Sat/Sun, Sun/Mon) Y
59 Rafal Likus lemiel; rlikus at M 22-24/25 Kraków - return to Warsaw, Poland Y €270 Y, 2 (Fri/Sat, Sat/Sun) Y
60 Olli Pettay smaug; Olli at pettay dot fi DOM M 22-25 Helsinki (FI) Y ~350€ :( Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon Y
61 Denis Remondini denistn; denistn at gmail DOT com Extensions L 22-24 Nice (FR) Y 136€ Y, 2 (Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun) Y
62 Tsahi Asher tsahi, tsahi_75[AT] L10n, SeaMonkey L 23-24 Tel Aviv, Israel N N Y
63 Laurent Jouanneau laurentj, laurent at xulfr dot org Gecko, Xulrunner L 22-24 Paris (FR) Y 160 Y (Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun) Y
64 Konstantin Lepikhov lakostis; lakostis at mozilla-russia dot org Russian Mozilla Team, Security, NSS, XULRunner L 22-24 Moscow, Russia Y N/A Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y talk about NSS improvements initiative, mozilla role in runet and other interesting things ;) Sponsorship: only hotel
65 Friedel Wolff Localization tools M 20-25 Johannesburg, South Africa Yes ~ Euro 675 Y, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Y Friedel is the lead developer for the Translate Toolkit and will be meeting Mozilla localizers who use the tool to gain feedback on how to make it better.
66 Alexandru Szasz email:, IRC: alexxed Localization tools M 22-26 Timișoara, Romania Yes €341 Y, Friday, Saturday Y Alexandru is a developer of a php-based web translation tool on which he'd like to gain feedback. He is also the lead localizer in Rumania.
67 Vladimír Valaštiak vlado,

valastiak at

l10n XL 22-24 Bratislava (SK) Y ~275€ Y (2) Y
68 Branislav Rozbora brano,

rozbora at

l10n XL 22-24 Bratislava (SK) Y ~275€ Y (2) Y
69 Zak Greant zak zak at

Mozilla Foundation XL 22-24 Vancouver (CA) N N Y
70 Gabriele Tittonel tittoproject, Mozilla Italia


Portable Mozilla Software, End-User Support M 23-24 Treviso (IT) Y N/A Y,

Fr,Sa (2)

Y Sponsorship: only hotel
71 Dan Mills thunder thunder at mozilla dot com

Mozilla Labs L 22-25 Mt. View, CA (USA) N Y fri,sat,sun (3) Y I love cheese. And other things.
72 Giacomo Magnini prometeo, Mozilla Italia


Seamonkey, QA, End-User Support L 23-24 Rome (IT) Y Flight: 116,50 EUR Y,

Sa (1)

Y Looking for hotel
73 Jonathan Watt jwatt, jwatt at jwatt dot org SVG/graphics, perf/memory usage, DOM, layout, automated testing M 23-24 Leiden (near The Hague, The Netherlands) N N/A N Y
74 Matthew Gertner plasticmillion AllPeers L 22-24 Prague N N/A 3 nights Y
75 Henrik Gemal gemal <> Mozilla Europe, Extensions L 22-24 Copenhagen Y 211 Euro (flight) Y, Fr/Sa (2) Y
76 Hans Speijer <> XULRunner, Firefox plugins, XPCom, Tamarin L 22-24 Amsterdam N Not relevant Y, Sat Y
77 Ludovic Hirlimann Tsk <> XULRunner, Thunderbird L 22-24 Den Haag N NA NA Y
78 Simon Wilkinson sxw <> Thunderbird XL 22-25 Edinburgh N NA N Y
79 Florian Quèze florian <> XULRunner, Firefox, Thunderbird L 23-24 Paris Y 90 EUR Y Sa. (1) Y
80 Lars Wohlfahrt thetux, thetux (DOT) moz (AT) gmail (DOT) com Calendar Project (Lightning/Sunbird) M 22-24 Recklinghausen (Germany) Y ~100 Euro Y, Fri/Sat (2) Y
81 Håkan Waara hwaara <> Layout, Gecko, OS X integration with Mozilla-derivatives, Accessibility S 22-24 Stockholm (Sweden) Y ~257 Euro Y, 2 nights Y
82 Mike Connor mconnor, Firefox Evil Overlord XL 22-24 Toronto (Canada) N N/A N/A Y
83 Adrien Roger Omnisilver, Geckozone S or M 22-24 Paris (France) N N/A N/A Y
84 Benoît Renard BenoitRen SeaMonkey, XUL MSN Messenger M 24 Antwerpen (Belgium) N N N
85 Jan Odvarko Honza, AllPeers, Firebug L 23-24 Prague N N/A N/A Y
86 Ondrej Brablc ondrej, AllPeers, Places L 23-24 Prague N N/A N/A Y
87 Michal Novotny michal, AllPeers L 23-24 Prague N N/A N/A Y
88 Anton Bar anton at - 23-24 Israel - - - - chocolate was good!

Probably (logistics)

"I'll be attending if I can sort out travel/timing/permission from my parole office."

Name Nick Area of interest T-Shirt size Departing Dinner (Y/N) More info
Alfred Kayser Alfred image decoding, cache, streams, performance, footprint optimization, themes L Blaricum, The Netherlands Y
Frédéric Wenzel wenzel AMO, Webdev M Karlsruhe, Germany Y
Mike Schroepfer schrep Shipping software :-) L Mountain View Y

Probably (content)

"I'll likely be there, but I'm not certain until I get a better picture of what's going on."

Name Nick Area of interest T-Shirt size Departing Dinner (Y/N) More info
Replace me!


"I'd like to have been there, but I have other commitments, or a severe allergy to lizard-logo T-shirts." (This will help us "size the market" for future such events, especially in this area.)

Name Nick Area of interest More info
Axel Hecht Pike L10n
Gijs Kruitbosch Gijs ChatZilla, Venkman/Firebug Timing is bad for me this year. Sorry!
Steve Lee slee Accessibility Logistics and other commitments :-(
Paul Rouget paul xulfr
Chris Thomas CTho SeaMonkey
Eric Jung ericjung everything