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Brussels - 23-24 February, 2008




The schedule is now frozen and posted on the FOSDEM site. Please do not make any further edits. If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact Brian King (

When Title Description Speaker
Sat 14:00-14:45 Mozilla Europe General Introductions followed by an update on the work of Mozilla Europe. Tristan Nitot/Brian King
Sat 14:45-15:45 Mozilla Labs Weave Overview and discussion on the Weave project. Dan Mills
Sat 15:45-16:45 Calendar Project In the first part of this slot, Martin will be talking about QA activities and how they can be improved and Simon will be talking about the current status and future plans of Sunbird and Lightning. Later on, Philipp will be taking about his work on the Calendar project, and giving a lead-in to the hands-on workshop the next day aimed at encouraging developers to participate in the Mozilla Calendar Project either as an extension developer or even more. Simon Paquet/Martin Schröder/Philipp Kewisch
Sat 16:45-17:30 Thunderbird Status and Future Plans Dan Mosedale
Sat 17:30-18:15 Project SUMO (Firefox Support) This talk will cover background/purpose/goals, scope (firefox only, for now), components (kb/forums/live chat) , l10n, in-product help in firefox 3, and more. David Tenser
Sat 18:15-19:00 Songbird Songbird mashes up the Web into your media player. Using our APIs, webpage designers and extension developers can build cool new experiences allowing webpages to integrate directly into your media player. Stephen Lau
Sat 19:00 Room closes at 19:00
Sun 09:00-10:30 Extensions Workshop A workshop aimed at extension developers who wish to update their extensions for the upcoming Firefox 3 release. It is not exclusive to Firefox extensions, authors of extensions for other Mozilla-based software are welcome. In parallel, Philipp Kewisch will be holding a hands-on workshop aimed at encouraging developers to participate in the Mozilla Calendar Project either as an extension developer or even more. See Fosdem:2008:Workshop for more information. Open Participation, led by Carsten Book, Mark Finkle, and Philipp Kewisch.
Sun 10:30-11:15 EU Community Survey Seth Bindernagel, Pascal Chevrel, Stas Malolepszy will present results from two surveys conducted with the Mozilla European community. Stas and Pascal created an online survey tool and Seth and Stas constructed two surveys that were sent out for response. The surveys relate to the overall health of the Mozilla community and Mozilla community's efforts at "customer support". Stas and Seth then analyzed all data and will present findings. Pascal Chevrel/Seth Bindernagel/Stanislaw Malolepszy
Sun 11:15-12:15 Miro Miro is a project with a Mozilla-esque mission. Mozilla wants to keep the web open and vibrant. Miro wants to do the same for the online video space. Come meet this torrent-enabled, RSS reading, web-browsing video player and help grow our community. Holmes Wilson
Sun 14:00-15:00 Community Project Organisation and Seamonkey 2 "And the beast shall come forth..." Robert Kaiser
Sun 15:00-16:00 Mozilla Mobile Mozilla's Mobile effort has been renewed. Full time staff has been added and work to create a roadmap and technology demonstrations are underway. Come learn about recent progress, and explore how you can get involved in creating a great mobile browser that leverages all the benefits of the Mozilla and Firefox codebase. Christian Sejersen
Sun 16:45-17:45 Electronic Ombuds: Firefighting in Online Communities This session teaches community managers and community members

effective processes for helping keep heated discussions on track, recovering from flamewars and managing the really tough issues in a transparent and just fashion. We'll cover the basics of electronic ombuds, triage a flamefest from a popular mailing list and teach essential survival tactics for those who would venture into the flames.

Zak Greant
Sun 18:00 Room closes at 18:00