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Mozilla Foundation 2017 OKRs

Mozilla Foundation’s work feeds into and supports the broader Mozilla-wide objective to Grow Our Influence. In 2017, our top line goal is to connect more people to Mozilla -- and each other -- to take action on Internet health.

We have 5 specific objectives in 2017:

1. Grow influencer engagement on Internet health.

2. Launch the Mozilla Network into the world.

3. Drive public demand for better privacy and security.

4. Grow MozFest as a movement focal point.

5. Grow MoFo into a top-notch movement org.

OKR 1: Grow influencer engagement on Internet health.

Accountable: Mark Surman

Responsible: Sam Burton

# Key Results Responsible
1.1 500 influencers sharing Mozilla's InternetHealth content for the first time. Paul Johnson / Janis Greenspan
1.2 2017 Internet Health Report contains contributions from 30 allies (orgs + people). Solana Larsen
1.3 25 L3 Mozilla Network members publish or give a high visibility talk using the Internet health frame. Rizwan Tufail
1.4 Approach to track public awareness about internet health issues in place. Abdoul Coulibaly
Key Activities and Deliverables for OKR 1
* Communicate Tech Policy Fellows’ work back to Mozilla (and the world)
* Publish State of Public Awareness of Internet Health, sharing insights from all of Mozilla research this year
* Continue to share updates and cross-city opportunities to raise the visibility of IH as a municipal policy platform
* Create engagement plan & long-term strategy for senior network members

OKR 2: Launch the Mozilla Network -- and our issues -- into the world.

Accountable: Mark Surman and Chris Lawrence

Responsible: Rizwan Tufail

# Key Results Responsible
2.1a [Until end Q2] Network site launched by Q2, effectively capturing and communicating the entire network concept. Matthew Willse
2.1b [Q3-Q4] Site evolved into a core participation mechanism by Q4. Jesse Von Doom
2.2 Consolidated fellowships architecture created by end Q3 and support for the updated model secured from existing or possibly new sources. Rizwan Tufail
2.3 Mozilla-supported “network initiatives” defined and documented in common formats; Long-term support and resourcing plans developed (end of Q3). Chris Lawrence and Lindsey Frost
2.4 2x increase in resources to directly fund network members via fellowships and grants (12% to 25%). Chris Lawrence and Kalpana Simhan
2.5 Using Europe copyright campaign as example, create synergized physical+digital engagement model (15-20 key leaders representing our target communities recognize themselves as part of the network.) Melissa Romaine
Key Activities and Deliverables for OKR 2
* Directly support key leaders in Misinformation space with speaking publicly on this issue using Mozilla’s “Internet heath” (and pollution) framing.
* Create consolidated model for fellowships, backed by single management infrastructure.
* Gain support from existing and new funders for new fellowships model.
* Convene a Working Group to gather data and deliver a strategy/ execution plan for money into the network.
* Build network FAQ Wiki.
* Modular versions of existing OLTS materials.
* Revised open leadership offerings, open leadership trainings connected to facilitation at MozFest.
* Launch Fluxx grant management system to centralize grant making and notification of grant opportunities across the network.
* Create a comprehensive digital strategy detailing how the foundation uses various digital channels to engage, understand, and support the Network.
* Launch Internet Health mini-grant pilot program to support 5 Mozilla Club leaders in their local work to increase internet health.
* Build on our partnership with Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) to increase awareness of Internet Health and grow our network initiatives through programs in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Jordan.

OKR 3: Drive public demand for better security and privacy.

Accountable: Ashley Boyd

Responsible: Paul Johnson

# Key Results Responsible
3.1 Our privacy + security campaign media (internal & external commissions) impacts public consciousness via media coverage and social engagement by doubling the current monthly Total Engagement Index score by end of 2017. Paul Johnson and Brett Gaylor
3.2 Grassroots leaders reach 2,500 people with informal teach-ins on security and privacy topics. Chad Sansing
3.3 Launch a pilot partnership between 20 community-based organizations and the City of New York focused on security & privacy among vulnerable populations. Meghan McDermott
3.4 Launch a campaign designed to drive the public conversation about online safety and shift the focus toward “privacy as the default” for products as measured by 250,000 consumers taking action to support stronger privacy protections. Jen Caltrider
Key Activities and Deliverables for OKR 3
* Host Internet health and Digital Privacy Trainings for NYC Council; Host IH workshop with Speaker’s Office and Civic Hall.
* Partner with NYC libraries on a Digital Privacy Advisory to establish 2018 funding/support for NYC libraries & CBO’s for operational security.
* Work with other cities (Toronto, Austin) to develop additional pilot privacy/security trainings for CBOs and vulnerable communities.
* Launch “privacy as default” campaign, including working with Consumer Reports/other partners to start telling this story, developing the safety kit and pushing our first activation/engagement opportunity this Fall.
* Library IoT Escape Room prototype at MozFest with local events in 2018.
* Track attendance and resources used at Privacy & Security events led by grassroots leaders throughout the network, paying special attention to events like Mozilla Clubs sessions, Hives, NYC government and library workshops, the Global Sprint, MozFest, and Digital Opportunity Trust projects in Rwanda.
* Refine our understanding of target audiences and how our campaign content can reach specific high-potential audiences.
* Run self-defense workshops for female influencers in 5+ cities in 2017. Create self-defense in a box prototype to support more privacy workshops globally being run by-women-for-women from the network.
* Leverage McCormick Foundation funding for technology trainings as an opportunity to integrate privacy and security into PD for Hive Chicago organizations. Partner with Chicago Youth Voices Network to provide training and resources particularly on privacy and security for social activists.

OKR 4: Grow MozFest as focal point of Internet health movement.

Accountable: Chris Lawrence

Responsible: Sarah Allen

# Key Results Responsible
4.1 MozFest expands into a week-long series of events run jointly with additional design partners, including MoCo. Sarah Allen
4.2 MozFest brand, model and content pipeline links to more networked events. Erika Drushka
4.3 Develop key network alliances in Taipei and Bangalore to run successful convenings, with goal of MozFest sister events in 2018. Michelle Thorne
4.4 Shared curriculum developed and deployed for open leadership training embedded in MozFest, Global Sprint and our partnership with the MIT Media Lab. Abby Cabunoc Mayes
4.5 Demonstrate 20% increase in media and press impact through Mozilla events. Kevin Zawacki
4.6 $250k in Mozilla event sponsorships in 2017. TBD
Key Activities and Deliverables for OKR 4
* Deliver MozFest 2017 featuring spaces and experiences programmed by 40 wranglers drawn from the network; a secondary venue to allow more time/space for engagement in the week prior to the festival; a speaker series to promote thoughtful discussion on Internet health, and improved facilitator resources.
* Develop and deploy open leadership training for use at MozFest, future Global Sprints and our partnership with the MIT Media Lab.
* Capitalize on cultural moments and share the stories around Internet health to attract press from a variety of beats.
* Develop key network alliances, with goal of MozFest sister events in 2018.
* Connect MoFo’s broad offerings of network trainings, connections and rallying moments across the year to create a cohesive calendar with deliberate touch-points.
* Announce and support five events in the Misinformation as an Internet Health issue space to grow the network of people working on this issue.
* The Chicago Community Trust has committed $20,000 for MozFest travel stipends for Hive Chicago members, a continuation of its commitment to support MozFest. CCT also contributed $22k to support Hive Chicago Buzz 2017, an event intentionally designed to extend the MozFest experience to local communities, and recruit MozFest participation from local contributors.

OKR 5: Grow MoFo into a top-notch movement org.

Accountable: Angela Plohman

Responsible: Lainie DeCoursy

# Key Results Responsible
5.1 Increase staff impact through improved employee experience with a goal of 80% engagement survey scores in the areas of inclusion, learning & development, and manager effectiveness by the end of the year. Michael Auckland
5.2 Develop the strategy and technical infrastructure needed to accelerate the growth of our email subscriber base, with a goal of 20% increase in email subscribers in 2017. Vojtech Sedlak
5.3 Charitable revenue shifts to next era. Book $7M in grants and $5M in small-dollar donations for 2017. Angela Plohman, Juan Barajas, Will Easton
5.4 2x increase in people who take a meaningful action with Mozilla that contributes to Internet Health. Ashley Boyd
5.5 We have a clear internal and external communications strategy. Lotta Rao
Key Activities and Deliverables for OKR 5
* Create a 1-2 slide story about how we’re making Internet health mainstream (Prototype in staff meetings).
* Share Comms Toolkit more broadly among staff, and help build comms plans for initiatives/projects across the org.
* Design creative interventions for Net Neutrality (poster designs, ad for Internet), including explainers on how to engage with Congress on NN.
* Refine the definition of meaningful actions, and operationalize how we track relevant metrics.
* Develop a dashboard and reporting structure for HR metrics.
* Finalize job evaluation and compensation review.
* Rollout Manager Training module 1; develop additional modules.
* Transition to Fluxx for managing all grants.
* Make 2018 planning process more participatory and transparent.
* Incorporate outputs from August Strategy Retreat into 2018 planning and other places where appropriate.
* Design program and deliver December All Hands.
* Establish a channel-specific calendar and plan for year-round fundraising.
* Develop and roll-out end of year online fundraising campaign.
* Open 2 new bank accounts by end of Sept (to accept US and EU donations).
* Onboard Director of Fundraising and develop new fundraising strategy.
* Finalize 2016 audit and submit Form 990 by end of September
* Complete 8 of the 16 identified donation infrastructure improvement projects based around centralizing data in the Salesforce CRM by 10/1/17.
* Create, document and implement standardized technology (Salesforce CRM and Cirrus Insights) and replicable communication processes across the Network.