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Mozilla Foundation 2018 OKRs

Mozilla Foundation’s work feeds into and supports Mozilla Foundation's overall goal of fueling a movement for a healthy internet. You can read more about this goal and our programs in the Mozilla Foundation strategy overview.

You can find more details about our OKRs and key activities in this document.

Q1 Open Calls

Topline Goal: reach new audiences and grow the movement by linking big internet issues with quality of life and everyday experiences.

Key Metric Baseline H1 Achievements H2 Achievements
Grow our email subscriber base by 20% annually (including 7% during the first six months of the year). 1,326,949 engaged users 1,487,971 subscribers

3.5% growth

1,454,019 subscribers

9.6% growth (thru Dec)

Fundraise $7.7M in grants (restricted) and $4.4M in individual donations (unrestricted). Grants booked thru Apr: $1,214,540 (with another $2.64 MM pledged)

Donations booked thru Apr: $923,806

Grants booked thru Oct: $6,701,830

Donations booked thru Oct: $2,790,666 ($818,098 for Thunderbird)

Core Theme: Your Data and You

Theme: your data and you -- exploring the data we create, the platforms and devices that collect it, ways to secure it and the laws that protect it.

Guidance: ~60% of investments, content and activities across all OKRs. Also ties to OKR 3: ‘improve how companies collect and store consumer data’

OKR 1: Shape the Agenda: More people share compelling narratives and engage in discussions about internet health, as a result of raising the utility and quality of the Internet Health Report.

Responsible: Sam Burton

# H1 Key Results KR Lead Target H1 Achievements
1.1 50 community members share high-quality responses to the 2018 Internet Health Report (eg. blog posts, op-eds). Amira Dhalla 50 50
1.2 Engagement in Internet Health Report grows by 50% over 2017 baseline
  1. unique visitors to the site
  2. PDF downloads
  3. comments about the report (comments on site + emails via contact form)
Kasia Odrozek
  • Visitors: 1,400,000
  • PDFs: 150,000
  • Comments: 510
  • Visitors: 90,308
  • PDF downloads: 11,365
  • Comments: 109

Numbers were impacted by changes to the Firefox snippet and comment functions on the Report site.

1.3 Grow # of people who use IHR materials in presentations and workshops external to Mozilla, in 4 languages. Sam Burton / Jairus Khan 50 12 total to date (5 staff and 7 non-staff) in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Brazilian, and a local Gambian language
# H2 Key Results KR Lead Target H2 Achievements
1.1 60 internet health professionals and activists share high-quality responses to the 2018 Internet Health Report.

Sum of:

  1. of blog posts & media articles/op-eds by community members
  2. of community-led discussion events/workshops about IHR (network roadshow)
  3. of Global Community Committee-led events
  4. uses in external presentations/workshops
  5. of community-led creations (eg. curricula), localizations or remixes of materials
Jairus Khan 60 61

H2 highlights include Maha Bali at the American University in Cairo using the IHR in her classes, translation of the IHR postcard and report headings into Chinese, and the IHR meetup in Bangalore.

1.2 30 unique ideas (= concepts, projects, research, links - identical submissions will only be counted once toward this KR) submitted to a publicly accessible channel by Mozilla community (eg. not staff or Report Coalition) for consideration/inclusion in the next report Kasia Odrozek 30 291 unique submissions overall to the Call For Ideas
  • English: 127
  • Spanish: 35
  • German: 18
  • French: 30
1.3 60% of Internet Health Report 2019 content drafted Solana Larsen 60% 50% of text drafted and/or data compiled and prepared for data visualization. 95% of all content decided.

OKR 2: Connect Leaders: Grow talent, cultivate collaborations and develop new thinking on internet health by improving our fellowship, awards and alumni programs.

Responsible: Rizwan Tufail

# H1 Key Results KR Lead Target H1 Achievements
2.1 Practices, products and policies of 60% of 2017/2018 fellows are adopted by Mozilla, host organizations or others. Ann Marie Carrothers 60% 60%
2.2 25% increase in individual and host org applications, with 75% coming from outside North America. Aurelia Moser 600 applicants across all programs -450 ex-NA 474 applicants across all programs -312 ex-NA (65% increase)
  • 103 host organizations, 59% from outside NA
  • 371 individual applications; 68% from outside NA
2.3 3 new foundation partners commit to investing funds in Mozilla fellowships and awards. Jenn Beard 3 2 Confirmed; Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund-Miami Foundation, and Craig Newmark Foundation
# H2 Key Results KR Lead Target H2 Achievements
2.1 Secure 4 (new and existing) funder commitments. Jessie Keating 4 3 (for Responsible CS)

$3.5M from Omidyar Network $1M from Newmark Philanthropies $1M from Schmidt Futures

2.2 40% of alums from the 2018 Fellows and Awardees re-engage in the Internet Health movement

Re-engage defined as MozFest participation (presenting, leading sessions), talks, opinion pieces and blogs, advice on program evolution, involvement in open mentoring etc.

Lindsey Frost Dodson 40% 47% MozFest is a considerable contributor to this

number - 60+ awardees, fellows, and host org representatives attended, and 30+ sessions were offered by alumni fellows and awardees.

2.3 10 unique instances of current leaders’ high-touch integration with other MoFo initiatives. Melissa Romaine 10 10+ Exceeded this metric through involvement of

OKR 3: Rally Citizens: Win campaigns that improve how companies collect, store and use consumer data by working with people and orgs from across movements.

Responsible: Sara Haghoodsti

# H1 Key Results KR Lead Target H1 Achievements
3.1 Get a product that is egregious with respect to children’s privacy improved or removed based on concerns generated by Mozilla and partners. Sara Haghoodsti >1 2 - Amazon, Target, and Walmart stopped selling CloudPets after an open letter calling for the removal -- spearheaded by Mozilla -- was signed by several partners. Also, we changed the language on the Amazon Echo dot page and helped them clarify their FAQ through our campaign and with the help of partners.
3.2 10% increase in conscious choosers in the US who consider security of consumer data primarily company’s responsibility. Jen Caltrider 10% 0% increase - Early research shows people see themselves as most responsible for securing personal data, rather than companies who collect it. Running additional research to understand data concerns and whether current events will changing this.
3.3 50% of online fundraising income comes in via our campaigns on consumer data protection. Jon Lloyd 50% 2.7% currently from campaigns - Launched one campaign fundraiser around Equifax. Currently working on more campaign asks.
# H2 Key Results KR Lead Target H2 Achievements
3.1 A major corporation shifts a policy as result of an EU campaign. Jon Lloyd >1 Although not EU-based, Venmo restricted its API

after Mozilla's campaign. We’re moving from US-first, to global-first, and placing EU audiences at the centre of campaigns. Ensuring Facebook’s EU Committee hearings were publicly broadcast was an early win.

3.2 Work with diverse partners to amplify or take a stand on a campaign developed by communities disproportionately impacted by the issue, policy or practice in question. Sara Haghoodsti Key learning is we need to step back and look at

other options for relationship-building and support that can help us achieve the spirit of this goal.

3.3 Raise $400,000 through foundation channels (excluding email.) Jessie Keating $400,000 $99,000 (through Dec) $45,277 from donate button, $41,107 from petition modal, $9,830 from buyer’s guide and $2,978 from EOY pop-up banner.

OKR 4: Public Messaging and Relevance: Grow public engagement around internet health by developing a constant stream of messaging about the work of Mozilla, our fellows and our allies.

Responsible: Lotta Rao

# H1 Key Results KR Lead Target H1 Achievements
4.1 Monthly aggregate traffic on to match current traffic to all mofo controlled web properties plus an additional 20%. (To be finalized) Jesse Von Doom 20% 131% Average was 43.6k/sessions/mo, mainly driven by campaigns and fellowships pages.
4.2 30% of MoFo press coverage features the work or quotes from fellows or awardees, including WINS finalists. Kevin Zawacki 30% 35% - Details:
4.3 Grow social engagement by 25% through content about fellows, alumni, partners, & allies. Jen Caltrider 25% N/A - Revisited content strategy and definition of social engagement. Biggest win: nearly 47,000 people took the FB survey and over 33,000 people viewed the Medium blog post.
# H2 Key Results KR Lead Target H2 Achievements
4.1 Lower bounce rate on foundation site by an additional 8% over H1 performance by EOY 2018. Jesse Von Doom 37% 45.2%

Total unique users up 50% to 303K for H2; sessions up 34%; pageviews up 188%

4.2 Drive 25,000 meaningful engagements* to online MozFest content and have 5,000 of these engage with *Privacy Not Included Buyers’ guide before launch. Jen Caltrider 25,000 5,000+ engagements with PNI pre-launch through MozFest.

70,612 engagements through Dec (estimated to be 102K factoring tracking protection by 58% of users). Nearly 1,000 opinions gathered per product.

4.3 Pilot an internet health press resource with 5 journalists and social influencers. Jesse Von Doom / Lotta Rao 1 Influencers identified; web page put on hold due to resource/capacity issues.
4.4 50% of press coverage features work/quotes from allies, awardees and fellows. Kevin Zawacki 50% 49%

534 stories about MoFo in H2; 263 mention allies, awardees, and fellows.

OKR 5: Working open: Increase the breadth and depth of people participating in our work by inviting them into a year round cycle of open leadership training and events.

Responsible: Sarah Allen

# H1 Key Results KR Lead Target H1 Achievements
5.1 50 new community members from outside North America engage in 2 or more events - (mentorship program, WOW or other training, Global Sprint, and other online participatory experiences). Stephanie Wright 50 54 -- 1956 total participants in H1 activities with 90 participating in two or more 2 events–54 of those participated from countries outside North America
5.2 90% of mentored project leads from OL #4 & #5 come back as a mentor, MozFest facilitator, or global sprint wrangler. Abigail Cabunoc Mayes 90% 65% from OL4 - 85% anticipated from OL5 - OL4 grads returned as a mentor, Global Sprint site host, interviewer, or guest facilitator so far
# H2 Key Results KR Lead Target H2 Achievements
5.1 Grow MozFest House to 25 data themed events with 1500 participants Sarah Allen / Lucie Daiye 25 / 1500 31 events / 865 participants
5.2 7% of H1 contributors submit and are accepted as a MozFest facilitator Kristina Gorr 7% 5.1% proposed sessions (107 participants)

2.3% accepted as facilitators (46 participants) There were 2100 participants in H1 for all OLE activities.

5.3 Recruit 35 staff & fellows to be part of Open Leaders 6 as participants (10), mentors(5) or experts (20) Chad Sansing / Abby Cabunoc Mayes 10 participants

5 mentors 20 experts

30 total

10 Participants (7 staff, 3 fellows)

4 Mentors (2 staff, 2 fellows)

16 Experts (8 staff, 8 past fellows)

OKR 6: Sustainability: Foster a healthy organizational culture, financial stability and clear goals and metrics to set MoFo up for long-term growth and impact.

Responsible: Lainie DeCoursy

# H1 Key Results KR Lead Target H1 Achievements
6.1 Convert 1.25 % of US mid-level donors ($100-999) resulting in 25 major gifts over $1,000. Juan Barajas 25 0 to date - Infrastructure is in place and we’ve identified nearly 700 major donors prospects. Campaign slated to launch mid-June.
6.2 Increase staff impact and engagement with a goal of improving engagement survey scores in the areas of diversity & inclusion, collaboration & communication, and execution by 10% in the July survey. Angela Plohman
  • 75% (D&I)
  • 65% (Collab)
  • 51% (Execution)
  • 72% D&I (up 7%)
  • 63% Collab (up 8%)
  • 45% Execution (up 4%)

These are based on July 2018 engagement survey results, compared with December 2017.

6.3 Produce and share (1) impact evaluation report of MoFo’s 2016-2018 strategy that includes a map of the movement and baseline metrics (for ToC) to inform MoFo’s 2019-2021 strategy. Paul Zenke Completed evaluation Completed and shipped to board in advance of July 11 meeting. Will share more broadly this summer.
# H2 Key Results KR Lead Target H2 Achievements
6.1 We have a new revenue stream by converting 45 annual fund donors ($1K or less) into major donors ($1K or more). Juan Barajas 45 9

Active conversion period was 3 months; learned most promising leads are donors who recently gave $250+

6.2 Increase engagement scores for remote staff in the areas of Feedback & Recognition, Leadership and Execution by 15% each. Michael Auckland
  • 60% (Feedback & Recognition)
  • 59% (Leadership)
  • 53% (Execution)
  • 59% Feedback & Recognition
  • 59% Leadership
  • 51% Execution
6.3 Produce one (1) aligned strategy that includes standards, tools and processes for organizational and program-specific data collection and management, to improve data-driven decision-making and track impact in 2019 and beyond. Arliss Collins Completed strategy Complete

Delivered recommendations for aligned strategy. Established cross-org Data & Metrics Working Group to audit and prioritize current datasets.

6.4 100% of systems and processes are updated and implemented for distributed budget development and management for 2019, and 100% of executives and grant program managers are trained. Josh Wolf 100% / 100% 50% First draft of the dashboard has been created for income tracking. Distributed budget development structure is in place and being utilized to draft the FY 2019 budget. Training will take place in FY 2019.