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Mozilla Foundation 2019 OKRs

Mozilla Foundation is fueling a movement for a healthy internet. You can read more about this goal and our programs in the Mozilla Foundation strategy overview.

You can view our progress towards 2019 org-wide and team OKRs MoFo Airtable 2019 OKR dashboard.

Org-wide OKRs

OKR 1: THEME: Build momentum for better machine decision making by supporting projects with near-term impact.

Responsible: Mark Surman

# Key Results KR Lead Baseline Target
1.1 60% of our program resources focused on better machine decision making Mark Surman (w/ Rizwan Tufail, Sara Haghoodsti, Sam Burton) 60%

OKR 2: REVENUE: Grow and diversify revenue through increased donor engagement.

Responsible: Ashley Boyd

# Key Results KR Lead Baseline Target
2.1 Grow unrestricted donations by 25% Juan Barajas $2,700,000 $3,375,000
2.2 12 engagement events to nurture major donor and foundation prospects Juan Barajas 2 12
2.3 Grow highly engaged subscribers by 30,000, with 2.5% becoming new or re-engaged donors Anil Kanji 60,000 90,000

OKR 3: REACH: Strengthen the movement by increasing the reach of Mozilla fellows and allies.

Responsible: Ashley Boyd

# Key Results KR Lead Baseline Target
3.1 Increase monthly web traffic to by 30% by publishing 10 stories/month about Mozilla & allies Anil Kanji 15,000/mo 19,500
3.2* Increase press coverage by 10%, with 70% of the press coverage including mention or quotes of fellows, awards, allies and/or our community. Lotta Rao 1150 1265 stories overall/885 w/focus
3.3 Support 5 events at MozFest House hosted by new allies or festival alumni related to machine decision making Sarah Allen 0 5

OKR 4: ORG HEALTH: Grow organizational strength and efficiency to achieve increased external impact.

Responsible: Angela Plohman

# Key Results KR Lead Baseline Target
4.1 Increase "execution" score in engagement survey by 20%. Angela Plohman 56% 76%
4.2 Complete stay interviews for 50% of all employed staff Michael Aukland 10 40
4.3 100% of budget managers using new financial systems for better data-driven decision making TBD 0 100%
4.4 30% of recommendations from the Data and Metrics Working Group implemented Sam Burton 0 30%