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Mozilla Foundation 2020 OKRs

Mozilla Foundation is fueling a movement for a healthy internet.

Org-wide OKRs

OKR 1: THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Test out our theory of change in ways that both give momentum to other orgs taking concrete action on trustworthy AI and establish Mozilla as a credible thought leader.

Responsible: Ashley Boyd

# Key Results KR Lead
1.1 Publish a whitepaper theory of change Becca Ricks
1.2 250 people and organizations participate in mapping to show who is working on key elements of trustworthy AI and offer feedback on the whitepaper Eeva Moore
1.3 25 collaborations with partners working on concrete projects that align with short term outcomes in the theory of change Abby Cabunoc Mayes

OKR 2: DATA STEWARDSHIP: Increase the number of data stewardship innovations that can accelerate the growth of trustworthy AI.

Responsible: J Bob Alotta

# Key Results KR Lead
2.1 $3 million raised to support bold, multi-year, cross movement initiatives on data stewardship as an indicator of growing philanthropic support in this area. Mark Surman
2.2 10 awards or fellowships for prototypes or other concrete exploration re: data stewardship Melissa Huerta
2.3 4 concentric “networks of practice” engaging with Data Futures Lab Kasia Odrozek

OKR 3: CONSUMER POWER: Mobilize an influential consumer audience using pivotal moments to pressure companies to make ‘consumer AI’ more trustworthy.

Responsible: Ashley Boyd

# Key Results KR Lead
3.1 3m page views to content on Mozilla channels, a majority of which focuses on trustworthy AI. Jen Caltrider
3.2 75k new subscribers drawn from sources (partnerships, contextual advertising, etc.) oriented towards people ages 18-35. Audrey Hingle
3.3 25k people share information with us (stories, browsing data, etc.) in order to gather evidence about how AI currently works and what changes are needed. Brandi Guerkink

OKR 4: MOVEMENT BUILDING: Partner with diverse movements to deepen intersections between their primary issues and internet health, including trustworthy AI, so that we increase shared purpose.

Responsible: J Bob Alotta

# Key Results KR Lead
4.1 30% increase in partners with whom we (have both) published, launched, or hosted something that includes shared approaches to their issues and internet health (e.g. shared language, methodologies, resources or events) Jon Lloyd
4.2 75% of partners from these diverse movements report deepening intersection between their issues and internet health/AI. Kevin Zawacki
4.3 4 new partnerships in the Global South report deepened intersection between their work and ours Mehan Jayasuriya

OKR 5: ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Update our organizational models and capabilities so that our strategy and people can succeed, and our ambition can grow over multiple years.

Responsible: Angela Plohman

# Key Results KR Lead
5.1 Organizational effectiveness baseline established. Paul Zenke
5.2 A long-term funding model that matches our ambitions exists. Kalpana Simhan
5.3 100% of job descriptions have been audited and are up-to-date. Mandy Rawlings